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I've been going to Crawfordsville Community Schools my entire career, and I can genuinely say all the teachers are amazing and truly care about helping their students succeed.
I had a great experience at all of the Crawfordsville Community Schools I attended. The staff and all of the programs are so helpful and everyone in the corporation is very caring and understanding.
I went through Crawfordsville Community Schools from K-12, and it was very fun. The way the elementary schools are laid out is a bit strange. K-1 are at Hose Elementary, 2-3 are at Nicholson Elementary, and 4-5 are at Hoover Elementary. I do not like that set up because younger students do not have those older student influences and role-models. One must think that not everyone has older siblings, so those older student examples are important. Overall, the middle school provides students with the necessary tools for high school, and high school does the same for college, for the most part. In order to get the full college-readiness, a student should be involved in the honors/AP program.
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The faculty at Crawfordsville schools are all very caring. They make learning enjoyable and contribute to a positive enviroment.
The Crawfordsville Community Schools focus too much on the competition aspect of education. They mainly focus on who is at the top, and nothing else. They start off each school year with intentions of making all of the kids succeed, but by the end of the year they only care about the people at the top. It is a very competitive environment.
Throughout the years I've been going to Crawfordsville Community Schools, they are constantly trying to improve in all aspects for the good of their students.
Crawfordsville schools are a wonderful place for students and parents. A lot of academic and extracurricular opportunities at all grade levels.
My experience at Crawfordsville High School and just the school district has been amazing even though I haven't graduated yet and still have two more years after this. Through my high school years I have played Volleyball and Softball it has been fun and I have made really good friendships with so many girls from my teams. Also, our acedimcs are really storng we offer so many opprotunities for students who either are at the excelled levels of learning or the students that need extra help in classes. We have so many clubs that students can join currently I am involved in Key Club, Spanish Club, and Sunshine Society. Overall, I would say that I go to a really amazing, athletic, smart, and an opprotunity filled school.
Need more diversity and stop the bullying problem. I graduated from Crawfordsville high school and it was not the best experience, the bullying is a big problem that effected my schooling.
School is good. Good teachers . Great students. Could have better food and free food and education should be free if we are getting made to go to school every thing should be free.
This school overall is pretty good. They have great teachers and awesome spirit. Many student get involved in different activities weather it be Lego leauges or cheerleading.
The teachers that I have interacted with at Crawfordsville Community Schools have been tremendous so far, and they all exhibit a passion for learning. Diversity at Crawfordsville Schools can be worked on. Some changes are especially needed to the Diversity Club at CHS. The counselors at CHS are passionate about student's college pursuits and classes and will do anything necessary to help out, and the school's facilities are immaculate. Clubs and activities are everywhere and there are many fruitful community service opportunities at CHS. Their Honors and AP programs are rigorous and very preparatory in terms of college. I have enjoyed my first two years at CHS and will most likely enjoy the rest of my high school career there.
As a former student at CHS, I am proud to have gone there. While high school isn't everyone's favorite time in life I can truly say I would not be who I am today had I not attended CHS. We have and still support each other in times of need and the teachers and faculty were not afraid to show that they cared and still care, even after we graduate.
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