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Crawford Central School District Reviews

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I go to Mash (Meadville Area Senior High) and it's a pretty good school. Some of the teacger however can't teach to save their lives. However with that aside, we have good cafeteria food and snacks, decent staff, its quote clean, and good class choices. Some of thrbstudents can be very idiotic though.
The district has a good school, but the environment is genuinely not where it should be. The teachers are wonderful people but some lack of the actual skill of teaching students and having them understand the content.
My experience at Crawford Central could be described as average. I am grateful for my teachers for educating me in preparation for college. The school culture is one of the greatest factors of the district in my opinion, there was a sense of unity and a great deal of pride that we as students and I'm sure faculty felt at moments. Beyond this, nothing makes the district above average; students aren't given many freedoms, as young adults in high school it could make you feel as though you were a child.
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I wish it had more funding to help all of the classrooms be the best they can be and some of the teachers are awful but nobody can do anything to them because they are in a union and have worked there for 20 plus years.
Overall, Crawford Central was a very welcoming environment and always wanted the best for the students.
The people at the school district were very nice and helpful especially at Neason Hill Elementary School. They have a positive nature and welcoming to you when you enter the building.
I think some schools are better than some here my sons school could of been a little more stricter with the way they run around in lunch! A little bit too much freedom to do and say what they want.
I also think that the schools could have kept myself up to date with my child's behavior/performance.
I grew up in this school district and was less than pleased. I felt unsafe in elementary school as nothing was done about intense bullying and my high school was discriminatory and treated students unequally. While I did have a few exceptional teachers and experiences I have to say it was pretty sour.
The district is fairly decent. I've experienced no issues with it. Although there have been some days I feel there should have been two hour delays and there were not. Other than that I feel the district is well managed and the people working in it are willing to help.
I love Meadville! I go to Allegheny College and have nothing but raving reviews for the area. Everyone here cares so much about the students and makes sure that they actually learn the material, rather than just memorize it.
I am a Senior this year. I gave 2 starts to Crawford Central's administration because for most of my Academic career we had a superintendent who was dishonest and worked to fulfill his own agenda while being a bit on the corrupt side.
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