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we have pretty good schools and great school spirit through out the school year. we get involved with a lot of community events. and our principal got the principal of year award.
We’re kind of ghetto. But we support each other within our school, we have a lot of school spirit. Our principal was named principal of the year, we have awesome teachers. We have lots of opportunities and experiences.
It's a good county to teach in and to be a student in. The superintendent does a great job of taking care of the students and making well, and informed decisions. There are some teachers who don't seem to care as much but the great and devoted teachers largely outnumber them.
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Living in this district, and specifically the city of New Bern all my life, I grew up seeing changes taking place- from redistricting schools to getting rid of school uniforms.

My experience in education here has been amazing. The teachers are passionate with what they do and work hard to try their best to help their students understand the things we’re learning.
The decisions the school district makes has always been smart too. When Hurricane Florence hit us, the schools made sure alert EVERY student, by personally calling us making sure we’re safe and to check our status. They checked each school and cancelled school for the students of schools that were flooded or problems with air quality, and had students from schools that weren’t hugely impacted by the storm get back to school as soon as it was safe.
What I liked about Craven County Schools is that the schools are so close together they are all like one giant school. Everybody knew everybody so the teachers were most likely the parents of your friends. The coaches at the schools had passion and cared about each and every player. At certain schools the administration was barely involved with the school and the activities. They had no idea on how to keep the students motivated.
Craven County School system is a well-organized education system. They make sure every student is getting the help they need. I spent my high school years in Craven Early College High School. It was very challenging but with the teachers being so involved in my success it made me accept the challenge with no regrets. I love how my school accepts diversity being able to be yourself in school makes it more comfortable to learn and grow. I am currently still enrolled in CEC but will be graduating with my associate degree and diploma because college readiness prepared me so well. I made the best decision since my school prepared me for big responsibilities.
I have grown up in Craven County and really enjoyed it. I love Craven County because everyone knows everyone and it is like a family.
What I loved most about CC schools, was the motivation the teachers gave me to better myslef so that I could live a better and happy life. The Craven County Board of Education, has provided many resources for all students, to succeed and do their very best. There is a massive amount of dversity in all of the craven county schools, and I believe the adminstraitors have done their best to accomadate each individual student.
Craven is wonderfully diverse and has beautiful campus. The people here are very friendly and always welcoming. Their club sports are fun. The weather is nice which is always a huge plus as well.
I loved my experience with Craven County Schools. Ever since elementary school, I have had the best teachers, a great learning experience, and always a good support system in school. I am also blessed to say I was never bullied in school, and I thank the schools counseling department for that. After graduating high school, I realize that I was not fully equipped for college. Part of that has to do with myself, but also, maybe more could be done in the college readiness side of getting seniors ready for graduation and what is too come.
Craven County Schools works diligently to meet the needs of all students. Their commitment to improving education in our county is evident.
The schools have a hands on approach. They have special programs to help students with developmental delays. The teachers here treat your kids as thought they were their own. I think its safe to say we have little to no crime in our schools and many resources to help students in any circumstances they might have. If your kids are into sports then this is the school system for them.
Facilities could be updated and school schedule could be better. Currently, the different levels of schooling start at different times due to a number of bus drivers available. Over all, academics are great. All schools offer multiple AP and Honors classes.
My overall craven county school experience was not always the best but something I tolerated for 13 years, from k-12.
Attending craven county schools was a great experience. When I talk about a great experience I am including the high and lows I faced while I was in school. The highs were that the schools were diverse, teachers behaved in a professional way, & you get the help that you are looking for. The lows I faced were not having a many selections of courses you can take and not having a lot of hands on activities as a school in whole. I'm proud to say I felt safe at every craven county school I have attend. I'm always happy that you are culturally accepted .Craven county school have left a good mark on me that I'll be able to give back to my friends, family, and community.
I like the educational requirements they have here. They give students an equal opportunity to get the education and skills they desire to have.
I have attended Craven County Schools since kindergarten, maintaining good grades and attaining new knowledge the whole way. I will never forget the lessons I have learned or the knowledge I have acquired from so many excellent teachers on my journey to higher adulation and success. The only thing I would say I'd hope to change is the students enjoyment to learn every day, there just seems to be an apathy for learning when learning should be something that is looked forward to from students, whether a child, teen, or young adult.
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I attended schools in the Craven County Schools district from K-12. In the end, the education I received is what is most important to me concerning this school district. That education is what got me into the nursing program I am in today. I have Craven County Schools to thank for the teachers and resources that helped get me there.
Craven county schooling is probably the best schooling to get. The schools are extremely well put together and have a large amount of great intelligent staff. I've been apart of craven county schools for 13 years and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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