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Cranford Public School District Reviews

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Great education with concerned, well educated teachers and extra curricular activities and Children both completed Graduate School.
Cranford highschool consists of many different components that make it so special. The teachers are relentless to help students when they need it the most. The clubs like DECA and PRIDE give large variations of opportunity for students to discover what they are passionate about. Lastly, the commual feeling at sports events really sums up how closely knit the town is.
I have been having a good experience in the schools district. I have been in the school district for 7 years. The teachers are great. They are pretty diverse.
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I like the fact that teachers are readily available to help students. I also like the fact that seniors are given a chance to leave for lunch if they meet the requirements. I believe that it gives students an incentive to keep their grades up. I would like to see, however, more parent involvement in the high school.
I am a senior at Cranford High School and I have the most supportive friends here. The teachers are always there and go out of their way to help you.
Cranford High was a very supportive and encouraging school academically and socially. Academically, the teachers always were there to help and supported us in many ways emotionally and academically. Socially, advisors and guidance counselors made us join clubs and clones to gain friends, opportunities and experience in the outside world in many activities.
Attended schools in Cranford from Kindergarten through High School. While I remember many of the teachers that I've had fondly and believe the academic opportunities available are great, school policies and administrators often made myself and my peers made us feel as though we were not the young adults we were becoming.
Cranford High School is one of the most competitive high schools I've ever heard of. It's AP and honors programs are so massive that they are regularly more full than the CP classes. The success of students in this high school is due to the phenomenal teachers, staff, and peers all so willing to help one another. This school has one of the most involved staff of any school with teachers and even administrators staying after hours and getting exceptionally personal with students to ensure college and career readiness. The school might not have as much money as a private school, and its resources might not be of the best caliber, but the dedication of the students, community, and faculty make it one of the most prideful, successful, and caring environments any student could hope for.
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