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Cranberry Area School District Reviews

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I thought the school was great most of the instructors are amazing at what they do and offers classes such as metal and wood shops which not all schools have.
I enjoyed the cross country program a lot. They were such great coaches! The academics weren’t too bad either. Cranberry really helped me strive to my potential!
I loved the small classroom sizes and how I felt like I wasn't just a number at the school. However, some staff members did seemed inept at teaching. Complaints would be made about said staff members, but nothing was done because many staff members have tenure. Also, the lack of funding was always an obstacle, but nothing can be done to change the money issue.
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Overall I would say it is a good school that strives for equality, fairness, and the best education it can give. The one thing I don't like about it is that I feel they can treat you too much like children and they can be very strict. This isn't all staff, just specific staff. Overall I would recommend it, it is a good school. You always feel safe there.
Cranberry Area School District is an average school. Considering it being located in a small area, it comes to no surprise that it lacks certain extra curricular classes that would be helpful to some students who want a career in the more creative field. The school has a very good athletic program, although lacking a football team, it pays great attention to the cross country and wrestling teams. From my experience of being at this school I can confirm that the money that's given to the school isn't always spent the wisest. The ceiling has been damaged (leaking, falling down, ect.) and did not get fixed for almost a year. Overall, this is a decent school for the area it's in, great teachers, faculty, and students for the most part. It could improve on its' extra curriculars, but it's understandable to as why they don't have them.
Cranberry High School is a small school in a small town so there are a lot of people who live there that are "stuck in their ways". In other words they're used to life being a certain way and anything new could be reacted to in varying ways. I moved here from another small school but before that I was in larger Texas public schools. I think Cranberry is a nice place to go to high school.
We have been here 3 years. My girls really like cranberry. The teachers and counselors are great,as well as the principal.
Great area to grow up. There isn't much diversity but the small town feel is safe and quite nice. They have great programs to keep advanced students motivated and interested in learning.
The teachers care about you and most focus on improving your knowledge of the subject. I would change and add more classes that people actually want to take as extracurricular.
Not a diverse school in the least, mostly low income white families. It is a nice small town to grow up in, but the school lacks funding. They have higher standards for academics than most schools but greatly prioritize sports over anything else.
I love the fact that Cranberry is a very close group of kids and I've grown up with the same kids my entire life, but also sometimes that's very hard. I never meet new people, they are always the same. I also wish that we had more school spirit and people cared more about the athletics.
I love the small town feel that Cranberry High School has. Everybody knows everyone which makes the environment very comfortable.
I'm a senior at Cranberry Area High School and I love it there. All the teachers are so nice and the students here are awesome.
I like the relationship between the teachers and students.The relationship between students seems better than most schools.
Most kids can't wait to grow up and go to college, but I'm a little different. I have been blessed with the opportunity of attending Cranberry High School. Throughout my life, I have been granted access to many amazing opportunities through this school. It has impacted my life in a very positive way, and I do not want to graduate because I wish I could go here forever. The teachers and staff are truly incredible. Each teacher is a role model that seriously wishes for their students to do great things and achieve their goals. The staff here at Cranberry are always kind. There is pretty much nothing I would change. No school is perfect, but Cranberry comes really close.
I very much appreciated my experience at Cranberry. The academics were wonderful, and I feel as though they have prepared me for my future. I also loved that I was able to participate in the "college within the high school" program because I hope it will help with college. Finally, I appreciated that the school offered a multitude of clubs for students to participate in. I have greatly enjoyed my experiences in school clubs. I participated in clubs such as Ignite, Student Council, Science Club, Dramatics Revolving, National Honor Society, and World Language Club.
My experience at Cranberry High is a mix of good and bad. This year I believe that I have very good teachers who are very invested in their students and they truly want their students to succeed. The downside to my time at Cranberry is that I know there is bullying that goes on within the school. In order to stop this, I have talked to my Student Council adviser about bringing in speakers to talk to the students in my school. I am hoping that this will bring about change within the school.
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The positive vibe from all the teachers. The teachers have pushed us all to our full potential. Everyone treats you like family and does have concerns if things are going up or down in your own personal life.
This school is much more challenging than surrounding schools and that encourages us to try harder. Our school has been known to the the best in the area for years and I highly doubt that will change any time soon.
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