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Coxsackie-Athens Central School District Reviews

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Because of the small community, everyone knows one another, so the children are looked after and are well known. Sports was very big there when I was in high school, created some very talented players. Otherwise, not a bad district.
I really liked the music program in Coxsackie-Athens. The music teacher is very good and kind and friendly.
I think overall, I would like to see a drive from staff to encourage students to challenge themselves and work hard.
Coxsackie Athens is a great school district compared to the surrounding ones. The staff seem to really to care about the students. But, the school isn't very diverse and the food sucks. The people themselves are average, but the iPad for every student policy is something that should be brought to other schools.
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The teachers were nice, but some of them couldn't teach a lesson without confusing half the class. And even though we had police in the schools, people still got bullied and fights still happened.
Some teachers are great, others aren't doing their whole job. Their curriculum is behind a lot of other schools in the county.
I've been here for 13 years and I am ready to leave and go to college. The teachers and friends I've made have been the best part of my school experience. I feel ready and excited for college.
Coxsackie-Athens is a great school district! The teachers truly want you to succeed and will help you with anything you need! They are very friendly and more than willing to stay after school if anyone needs additional help. They make learning fun. There are many clubs, activities, and sports students can do to stay active in school. You can easily make friends with common interests to you!
I'm a retired college professor who graduated from CA, where my Dad was head of the History Dept. for decades, and where I owned property (and paid school taxes) until 2007 although I don't live there.
Recently, I attended my 50th CA Reunion, during which were were invited to spend an afternoon touring the high school.
The most impressive statistic was CA's 97% graduation rate! In spite of everyone best efforts, the 3% who do not graduate are special education students.
The library holdings are limited, but they have been chosen with great care to meet the interests and needs of people I know who live there.
The building has been enlarged and upgraded with modern technology, including targeted control of the heating system to keep people comfortable and healthy, as well as to control costs.
Everyone knows who the stellar teachers are, and CA has its share!
It is a overall good school, they have great education and have time for students just like me. I am in 6th grade and I have been here since 5th grade and I love it!!! One thing I don't like is that one of the 5th grade teachers show people's grades to EVERYONE that is in the classroom. Also, I think the food needs to be upgraded.. their food is dry and nasty.. But one person I have always loved is Mrs.Lazette.
This is a good school, the guidance counselors really care about helping the kids and so do the teachers. There are so many classes to choose from, they offer distance learning classes and have many clubs to join.
Throughout my experience here, Coxsackie-Athens is located in a very small community. I feel as though Coxsackie-Athens did not prepare me for college. The academics are competitive as well as challenging, but it's a small competition. So how hard are we actually trying?
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