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It was a great four years and I learned a lot and feel like I am well prepared for whatever college throws at me.
I believe that the Covington Community School is a great place to go to school. There is a variety of different things for students to participate in such as different sports available for both guys and girls, and there are also clubs such as art and yearbook club. In my personal belief, the teachers are great at enabling students to learn and do their best in and outside of school. The classes offered help the students prepare for colleges and real-world situations. Covington provides students with multiple classes to help their futures such as adult roles, business math, cooking class, etc.
I love Covington Community School Corporation because of the size of my graduating class, which results in close relationships with most of the people I am graduating with. I also love my teachers, although they sometimes do not show complete professionalism in the classroom. Each teacher has a relationship with each student, and I love that. If I could change anything, it would be the administration. Our teachers are under a lot of stress due to our new administration, and I would like to see that change for sure.
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Excellent arts programs. Fun, fast paced environment. Great school lunches and ample time between classes to get to and from class.
Covington is a great school with an exceptional community. The staff, administration, and community provide an encouraging and supportive atmosphere while pushing students to do their best.
I like that Covington Community School is very close, the families, staff, and students are very involved in the community. The teachers will work a lot with you trying to make you the best you can be in and out of highschool. Also the teachers and staff are very easy to talk to. Covington school is extremely safe the staff makes sure that all the students feel and are safe. Outside of school during games the community is well put together and everyone comes out and supports are players during their games and cheers there way onto victory. The only thing I do not enjoy about covington high school is that we have teachers leave quite a bit causing us to get new teachers all the time, which is annoying have a new teacher every year and then you have to adapt to the way they teach, maybe even relearn stuff you've already been taught.
It's a great place to be and everyone is helpful and accepting. The teachers are helpful and some of them deserve a raise. Many of the teachers have been there for several years teaching kids. They get to see the students grow up and graduate. This school has people you can talk to if you need help and there are people that would help you.
I have loved my experience at Covington Schools from kindergarten all the way to my senior year, which I have loved so far. The town support for our sports is amazing. Being a part of Covington athletics has been my whole life since I was five years old and I have loved every minute of it. One downside is that Covington is very small and outside of sports there aren't many other activities or clubs to join. Overall my experience has been great, but I can see how it wouldn't be ideal for someone else.
The Covington school corporation is determined to make every student succeed. The school provides all the materials I need to do my best, and the guidance counselor is extremely well informed and helpful with college decisions and questions. The only thing I would change is the highlight on sports. The art club has few members and the school once took away the art case to display trophies.
I wish teachers were more prepared. There are a few teachers who are EXCELLENT; however, there are only a few of them.
Overall, our small school is a good hands-on learning facility. The school is clean, and we have a friendly staff.
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