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The band was the only reason I felt like I belonged at this school, and yet the district continued to threaten to get rid of it due to financial problems. Honestly, the school is under poor leadership and this has consequences on the student body.
Coventry has some amazing educators and there was always someone who knew how to help you. We had superior choir and excellent band programs, which I was involved with most of the time. Coventry also had many much needed improvements done by my graduation. However it was my perfect because of the amount of scary levys put up against our school threatening the thing I loved most, music. This made some of my most beloved teachers leave for a safer job. Also Coventry board members and some community members were against open enrollment which was one of our main sources of students. Overall Coventry was the perfect place to attend high school and I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else.
Overall, I would say Coventry was a great school to go to. The best thing about this high school is the feeling of community, and belonging. Since Coventry had a small graduating class it was easy to be friends with everyone, and everybody knew everybody. One thing that I would like to see change is that there is a lot of emphasis on being a better athlete than a student. Although having opportunities like sports is important in schooling, it should not be the main focus.
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The teachers are very down to earth and are willing to help students no matter what. They will take time out of their lunch breaks to sit down and talk one on one. The environment is very friendly and caring.
College preparatory. And also the teachers are excellent. Staff does a fantastic job at helping students get the education they need to succeed in life and in college.
Great teachers, great academics and a great music program pointed me in the right direction for life.
I liked the professors at Coventry, they completed the school. Some professors enjoyed teaching and cared for the students while others, workers and professors, had their own agenda.
I've been open enrolled at Coventry for about 8 years now and its been the best overall experience! I've been able to take advantage of programs such as college credit plus as well as take part in the Coventry high school marching band.
I love this school district. The teachers care about each student. Many of them have their own children involved in programs and events. The sporting events and music events are amazing. Having boys in both the high school and elementary school gives me a great perspective. I'm able to see the whole district and how they consistently dedicate themselves to my kids. I couldn't ask for a better school system.
I attended Coventry schools for all of my education and I had a great experience. I made connections with fantastic staff members and left with memories that will last throughout my lifetime.
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