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CRSD greatly encourages students to be involved and be read for their future but one change my school could make would be to help limit the Differences between the different clique’s
So much drug problems and awful teachers. There’s not a single bathroom in south that doesn’t smell like low budget vape. Not one kid knows what a belt is and now all the white boys decided they want dreadlocks. Fix all the racism and bullying before anything else
This school district did a phenomenal job of preparing me for college and for that I will always be grateful. I was introduced to STEM back when I was in middle school and have gone down down that route all the way through my senior year and now as a college student studying biomedical engineering.
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This is a great public school academic-wise. Teachers here have pretty hard curriculums and can sometimes become overwhelming, though. There is a really big lack of diversity; almost all kids are white. The teachers here clearly do care about their students. The only issue is the lack of diversity, and ridiculous amount of stress -- especially in high school.
The Council Rock School District is an amazing school district with a wide variety or clubs and classes. All of the teachers and administrators are so welcoming, and I believe they do a great job of preparing students for college. I hope to one day put my children through Council Rock just as I did.
Overall council rock is an amazing school and i feel very honored to have the opportunity to go here. unfortunately i wish school could work on its overall atmosphere in order to reduce students stress levels and put less of an emphasis on college and if you fail you won’t go anywhere in life. most of the staff is amazing and love thier job and do amazing just like anywhere there are a few bad teachers who make students lives terrible
Overall a good experience. They provide a lot of resources for the students including clinics on a weekly basis plus free tutoring from the NHS. There are a lot of activities to keep the students involved and be positive role models for others. In addition the culminating senior trip at the end of the 4 years is something that each student Looks forward to experiencing
I attended a Private High School in the Council Rock School District, George School. I did attend Council Rock District for Elementary and Middle School. They need to improve providing services for Disabilities.
I'm a student in the Council Rock School District and all I experience here is racism because I go to Newtown Middle School and if your anything but white all you'll be treated like is garbage. There is no diversity whatsoever here and and no one is educated on racism so no one cares or sees it as a problem.
RACIST SCHOOL DISTRICT!! If you are anything but caucasian you will deal with some kind of racial discrimination in this school district! There is ZERO diversity in both the student body and teachers! My son was called a N***** and my daughter has dealt with racial discrimination at the HS level as well. This is a racist ignorant town with zero inclusion. if you are anything but white I warn you and advise you find a district that is compassionate inclusive and has love for all people!
I have been enrolled in the Council Rock School District for ten years. I have participated in a variety of sports and many different clubs. I believe that overall as a school district Council rock does well.
The teachers are helpful. The after school clinic days really help to review stuff that you didn't understand in class. The variety of clubs and activities let's students be able to participate in least one thing that may interest them.
Council Rock School District is a wonderful school. The possibilities that the district gives students are endless. There are so many different areas of study they provide with professional teachers.
It is a great place to learn and grow. Playing football taught me lots of responsibility and helped me develop teamwork and leadership skills. I enjoyed my four years in the Council Rock School District.
This school system is phenomenal. If you are looking for your child to be life and college ready send them to Council Rock schools. Consitently ranked in the top.
I have had a great experience with the Council Rock School District. It has prepared me well for the future.
I absolutely love Council Rock School District. The teachers and students are so kind-hearted and have so much potential to learn and do well and help others. It makes me so proud to be a part of the school community!
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I'm currently a senior at Council Rock High School South and my experience here has been great. The teachers here are very good (they care about there students' well being), and there are many electives the school offers that help both inside and outside the classroom. There are classes available for all levels of difficulty, making all students ready for college. The students are not just friendly, but also very academically motivated, keeping me motivated as well. I am very grateful to be attending such an amazing high school.
It is a great school with many opportunities. There are many great teachers and staff members. If one thing could change, it would be a bit more freedom and fun in activities for the students.
I loved how prepared I was for university, but sometimes the mental health of students seemed like an after thought.
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