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Council Bluffs Community School District Reviews

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My school has stricter rules than the other high school even though we have less behavior students. Also our choir department is given not enough money and we are really struggling.
I loved the teachers in the district. They were interested in helping understand what I struggled with and made my high school years a positive experience. I wish they gave a higher budget to the fine arts like Orchestra, Band, and Choir.
I like council bluffs beside how the district is run. The administration seems like they don't care about the kids. I see kids skipping school. Our food is garbage. We have the same thing 3 out of 5 days. The food is either cold or gives stomach aches. The teachers are amazing but underappreciated. There are always fights in the halls. Kids are bringing drugs into school but they're more worried about food. Kids get put in ISS for doing nothing.
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I liked the atmosphere as I went K-12 there. I would like more college readiness courses implemented for future students.
I would like to see changes in College Readiness and real worlds situations being taught. They also need teachers that care more about students and tend to their needs and make sure they master their material before moving on. I do like certain teachers like Abby Custer (Drama), Matt Delaney(9th grade History), Andrea Galloway(9-10), Erica Schnepel (CE and english 9-11), Erin Grachek(Parenting), Debralee Lithimane(Art teacher), Kari Schmidt(8th grade science), and Brent Duroncelet(8th grade english)
The high schools don’t prepare one well enough for college, allowing students to slack off and such. There are many oppourtunities to be pursued here in which I can commend them for. I do wish to see more diversity in the administration and student population.
I personally had a very good experience, with numerous wonderful teachers, so many opportunities to get involved, and so much support. I know not everyone felt this way, however, but I think that is solely from their choosing to not get involved and make the most of their experience.
Something I like about Council bluffs community school district is that everyone is very together. All the schools participate with each other and are given the same things. I just feel like sometimes the motivation and the expectations the kids are given are not high enough.
I believe that the council bluffs school district really allows students to choose how they are going to spend their time in school, either productively or just coasting through. I personally took advantage of the many college and advanced classes offered here which has given me a high quality education.
I believe that, as an overall, Council Bluffs School District is a good schooling system. I believe the faculty and staff try their best to make students excel and feel good about themselves. The schooling system has done a good job improving the buildings and community. Recently in the last two years, with generous donations our schooling system has been able to construct a beautiful complex: football stadium, soccer fields, baseball fields, and softball fields. It is reasons like the complex that keeps our schooling system going.
I'd like there to be more teacher involvement with the students; More work towards preparing for colleges and keeping up grades.
When attending high school in the Council Bluffs community school district I felt like part of a family. All teachers and administrators show you that they care for your education.
I really like the atmosphere. I go to TJHS and the inclusiveness and spirit of this school is honestly one of a kind. A majority of the teachers are here to help and talk to you, not at you. I wouldn't want to finish my high school career anywhere else.
Overall, my experience with the Council Bluffs Community School District has been pretty good. They've taught me and pushed me to be a better person. They let me take college classes and I'm able to prepare for my major very easily through their curriculum. One thing I would like to change is how they deal with problems. A lot of times they don't deal with issues very effectively and the problems continue. If that could get a little better, that would be the best thing I believe could happen.
What I really liked about the district was that as a student that English is a second language they really did help me succeed. Even as I was one of the first students to need help by getting ESL services they really did support. One of the fondest memories that I have was doing good in class and being called to the principal's office. Of course, I was worried sick that I had done something wrong but it was quite the opposite. Due to my success, the principal game me a prize and also taught me the meaning of the word "Awesome". He told me that what I had done was awesome and that I will never forget.
Council Bluffs is small town compared to our neighbor Omaha but we are able to team up with our local community college to offer more classes.
I recently just graduated out of the Council Bluffs Community School District, from Thomas Jefferson High School (Class of 2016) and I loved my school very much. The support and school spirit throughout the school is something I will never forget. The staff here is also great and genuinely cares about each and every student being able to meet the requirements that are needed to graduate. Every student here was treated with respect. There were some flaws, here and there such as the cleanliness of the school, typically by students. I can also conclude that I was not very ready for college. I do wish they would be more strict and not as lenient with late work, as in college, if you miss a deadline, that's it. It also would've been nice for teachers to encourage better study habits, as I did not realize how much of it I would be doing. That being said, I still have been managing the adjustment and I can honestly say I was proud to be a yellow jacket.
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Administration is always snarky and rude; they act like students do not deserve respect. Plus, the superintendent does not seem that great (school start/end times get switched to save money at the same time she gets a HUGE raise in pay) If she really wanted to help the schools, she would put that extra money into the schools since she already gets a great paycheck. Most of the core curriculum teachers at low level classes aren't that great. However, as you move up and enter higher level courses such as CE ones, the teachers get significantly better. The high school gyms could use a makeover (at least the small ones). We do get chrome books to take home and use during school which is great and makes learning more interesting and easier. Overall, the district is just average...nothing spectacular, but still a pretty good place to go.
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