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I am a freshman at Cotter Schools. I play volleyball and I am going to play basketball. Cotter is very student centered. Cotter focuses on our safety and involvement. They make sure we understand what they are teaching us and encourage students to be very involved through sports and academics. Cotter wants its students to succeed and ready for the future. They have great staff and great students.
My school is opening to everyone. The staff is helpful and cares about every individual. There is no discrimination about anything. We are by far the best school in the area. We are a small closed campus. The average class is no more than 50 students.
While I am still attending Cotter School District I am very proud to say that I am a Warrior because this school has a friendly feeling to it that just makes you want to be there. I may be partial to Cotter because I have been going there since kindergarten but the school has been my second home. I will be sad to see my high school days go but I know that I will always be a Warrior!
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I have attended Cotter since Kindergarten. Most of my teachers have been encouraging, giving me a pleasant experience throughout elementary, junior high, and high school.
I have been going to this school since kindergarten and i am very thrilled to be graduating with my 2017 class
I have attended Cotter School District since Kindergarten, the school cares about the students and their success. The school has become like a family, the teachers make sure each student succeeds and works to their fullest potential.
I have been at Cotter School district since I was in kindergarten, I am now a senior in high school. Since I have been here everyone is super nice, just like one big family. We have teachers that actually care about their students instead of just their own paycheck.
My overall experience at Cotter High School has been one to remember. Cotter High School cares about their students. Not only does Cotter partner with Arkansas State University in Mountain Home, Arkansas to let their students have an opportunity to earn concurrent credit, but Cotter Public Schools also invites a Career Coach Counselor to help with grades 9th through 12th. Cotter also offers AP courses as well. What I would like to see change is the safety of the school. More security would be preferred. If I were to have children in the future, I would want them to attend to this particular undergraduate school. I highly recommend Cotter High School. Not only based on their merit but actually caring about the student's academics and what is going on personally with the students.
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