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The Corvallis School District really cares about the students that are enrolled in school. The health, well being and safety are very much taken into consideration of the children.
Corvallis School District is an accepting place where they will do anything in their power to help students. Corvallis prides itself on being progressive and the attitude within the school district reflects this. Most teachers are extremely understanding and will give you any assistance you require. There are classes that help you with college preparedness, and the Beyond CHS office will give you any information on colleges, scholarships, and jobs. As a senior, Beyond CHS is my lifeblood, and they are willing to give free advice to any students who need it. There is very little bullying, and when there is, our awesome behavioral specialists will help in any way that they can. Corvallis School District is an amazing district that will accept you, advocate for you, and prepare you for whatever path you choose.
These schools all have a great atmosphere surrounding them. You can always find a staff member who is willing to help you out. Teacher are usually easily approachable. The food is pretty good. There could be more diversity but doing pretty good there. I've always felt safe, especially with our new door locks. the high schools have a great selection of classes to take. There is something for everyone in the Corvallis school district. over all Corvallis has great school.
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Like most schools, there were good and bad teachers, but faculty members were usually willing to help in any way if you asked. I can't give it 5 stars because I felt that it encouraged a very exclusive environment. There were instances of racism but I did see the school attempting to combat this issue.
My experience in the corvallis school district has been near perfect. I have had great relationships with almost all of my teachers. My district is extremely open and accepting of everyone but with that we also lack a diverse community when it comes to race and ethnicity. In my district the majority of our students are white. In my high school, which has almost 2,000 students, there are only 20 registered black students. While this is not the fault of our district, the students who are in this district lack a learning aspect in social behaviors. I wouldn't call anyone I know racist but do think that many of our students do not know what can be hurtful or offensive to others who are not white. In my opinion it is a good thing to see colors on skin, not to judge or treat people differently, but to realize differences while also treating everyone the same with equal respect.
The officials are very dedicated to making a difference in students' lives and helping them graduate. There are countless opportunities provided to students to help them prepare to enter college or the workforce. Every student feels like they matter to their teachers, and that they have the chance to go far in life.
Nice schools, good teachers. Some of my best classes were ones where the teacher was not constricted by district policies.
Very large emphasis on community from the residents. Since it is a college town there is a lot of cultural influence from international and out of state students and large enough for a diversity of activities. However, it is not so large that its hard to get around town and be too far away from anything.
Overall this district provides a very good and well-rounded education for K-12 students. Though there is sometimes debate over which schools are the best, in reality all are quite good.
The area is great to raise a family but, i do with there were people of color involved in the school system.
My experience at corvallis high school has been amazing. I've had so many different ways to express my self, through clubs, sports and different programs offered.
My overall experience in this school district so far is amazing. The teachers are great, they help you with what you need.
Corvallis is a small college town, full of students. The Teachers are honorable leaders and their knowledge transcends to the students in such a way that their maturity level is achieved quickly
Really great school district, close knit like family. Teachers are extremely involved in the success of their students, as well as the parents. Always readily available resources such as counseling services, teacher hours and anything sports related.
Good teachers but Corvallis kids don't have much experience with diversity so if you just move to Corvallis and try to make friends you may find some difficulties
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