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Most kids don't like highschool but Corvallis high school is a very good school. I felt very lucky to go to school here, there are many resources and the teachers are always ready to help. I had many awesome experiances too with the help of the school, such as clubs and sports. Plus most of the kids here are good and smart, though I was quiet I had alot of friends. I enjoyed Corvallis highschool, with all the help from teachers and friends highschool was easier and graduating is going to be easy too.
The FFA chapter is pretty great. Everything else not so much. But hey at least there is one thing going for them. Some sports win most don’t. Teachers are pretty nice.
I have attended Corvallis Schools from freshman through senior year in high school. I believe our district has a stronger reputation in the community than maybe it deserves. The academics are challenging. The sports are lacking in quality coaching overall. The administration focus on things that maybe should be dealt with at a smaller level. Discipline is hit and miss making huge deals out of less destructive behaviors and major problems not being addressed. I will be glad to move on from here onto college.
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Corvallis is a small town where everyone knows everyone. This could be challenging at times but your peers truly do become family. I loved going to this school because due to smaller numbers, one on one time with teachers is more frequent. I wish that we had more class options, opportunities where minimal due to low funding. Overall, I loved being a part of the Blue Devil family!
Very involved little small town school. They do the best they can with their limited resources. Students can be very involved in multiple extracurricular activities if they choose to be. Have some bullying issues, especially in the middle school.
My experience at Corvallis Public School was overall awful the staff azpeople were nice however as Educators they are poor as soon as you do something they dislike you immediately begin to struggle do to it.
Great school, great teachers and students. The teachers are very helpful and the classes are reasonably difficult. The students are very friendly (hotness very diverse but very friendly) small school so everyone knows everyone and has become almost like a family. It is a fabulous learning environments. 10/10 would recommend
It is a different experience than you would expect. The teachers are willing to work around your schedule to keep you caught up. It is a good school and was a great experience.
I transferred here as an incoming junior and found that several students wanted to make sure I felt welcome. The classes I took had great teachers that would always be open to assist students with issues. The staff made sure that the school would function so that students could form a path for success. My main interest was in their track program which has proven to be outstanding. I feel the schools efforts of making me a better student have been well met and I'm glad I chose to attend here after my transfer.
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