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There are few teachers who are actually invested in their students' well-being and future plans. It feels as though many of the administration and other teachers are just there to get through the day and make money. Finding a good teacher to be your mentor is how one can enjoy his/her high school career.
The education quality could be better. They should help you prepare more for college. They make you think college is going to be different than it is. They make you take "college prep" courses and they will not help you in college.
The teachers are very helpful with all of the students. Also all of the students are really nice to each other including the community.
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I like the career and technical center and the opportunities involved with the programs. I dislike how disconnected and impersonal the teachers are with the student. The teachers have no consideration of mental health, heavy workloads, and responsibilities the students have outside of school let alone school itself. As a senior at Corry High, I don't think high school should consume a young adult's childhood and all their free time to live and enjoy their childhood.
Corry area high school is very fun and the teachers help students along the way when needed. The school also has a tech wing attached to the school making it easy to learn a technical trade. They also have alot of afterschool activities like trap shooting, football, soccer,etc..
My experience at Corry Area High school was fairly good for the most part. This school has very good school spirit and its sport teams are excellent. Not only are the sports excellent but so are the teachers. All the teachers are very open minded in the needs of staying after to help struggling students.
I would like to see more computer oriented classes. They have done well with incorporating computers into every day classes, but have few classes dedicated to learning the modern applications of computers.
The teachers are good at what they do and create a friendly, helpful atmosphere. However it can be a little too laid back at times.
Our middle school teachers care. They are their to help teach, tutor or just give a simple encouragement. They know if you are involved in extraciextracurricular activities and they will take the time to inquire about how its going or alot of them take the time to come watch and support us. They dont have that power trip attitude.
It was great growing up and attending a small town school. The teachers and staff went above and beyond to help us students achieve our goals. It's nice to walk down the halls and the administration called you by name not because you were in trouble but they took the time to learn all our names.
I am a 2016 graduate from the Corry Area School District. I liked all the teachers that I had over the years. The sporting events and support we gave each other really made the school come together. I appreciated all the help I got from my guidance counselor for helping me choose the right school.
My time at Corry High school is coming to an end fast. I loved every second I spent walking the halls here. The staff here is so caring and wants to do everything possible to see someone succeed in life. They give us the help we need and never fail to be there for support. The only change I would like to see in this school is more interaction with students. The staff already has a good connection with some students but not everyone. I understand that it might not be possible that we get to know everyone but it wouldn't help to try. The more students feel safe and welcome the more they are going to want to be there and actually care.
I had moved to Corry Area High school this year and I am currently a Junior. I noticed almost instantly that the school is filled with kind hearts and the administration is amazing. The administration really gets involved with whats going on and gets involved with students. Not everyone is kind tho there are still a few racist students and there are kids that get into fights but that's high school. Beyond what the students do there are positive aspects of going to Corry Area High School. This school has allowed me to stay involved with sports and have a great education at the same time.
Great School and Great people . Corry in my own words is the best place to get a education from quality teachers who care about their students and others
Growing up in a small town like Corry was an amazing opportunity. I am used to the small town environment where everyone knew each other you could get more involved and recognized in your community. This type of environment made my high school career very helpful so far.
Our teachers get to know us and we get to know them. The school is also especially involved in college readiness and they care about our education. The friends I made are great, and the memories I made will be lifelong whether it was in sports or in the classroom.
I graduated in 2014 from Corry Area HS. Overall, my school experience was good. There are some really excellent teachers here. Also, many clubs and activities for the student body to be involved in.
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I enjoy going to school at Corry the teachers are great,and so are the sports program I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else
I have attended Corry Area School District for many years. Throughout these years I have had mostly good experiences. Not every school is perfect and Corry has its fair share of troubles. Overall Corry is filled with wonderful teachers, and a very nice athletic facility. The only thing I would change about Corry High would be the amount of kids getting minimal punishment for things needing more strictness. Other than the amount of kids getting in trouble and their punishments, I have had a very good experience attending school here.
My experience at Corry High school has been fine. When I came into the middle/high school they offered everything, for example, band, chorus, technologies, and science, which is great! But now that state tests are such a necessity for our school to be successful, it is not offered right to new coming middle/high schoolers, they have to go and look for and ask to take those elective classes. That is one thing that I would like to see change because tests aren't what education should be. Something that Corry School District is great at is involving the community. Every year during the homecoming parade, they make a float that any student can participate in so the entire city can see what Corry Schools are and represent. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience in Corry for education because they have given me a proper education and always made it feel like home.
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