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They try to do what is best for us, but they eventually mess up. There is a lot of bullying that goes on and the never address it.
The learning structure was no rigorous or challenging. It did not prepare students for college. The different school campuses that are in less developed neighborhoods need work. They put too much money into neighborhoods on the more developed sides of town and don't focus on others.
I had the average high school experience with being in sports, clubs, pep rallies, and schoolwork. Personally, I was given a good high school experience for a district with 44 different schools. That is quite the number to keep up with. Having that many schools to keep tabs on and still meeting the needs of the thousands of attending students is very impressive. I liked how the community came together for different occasions even though it wasn't about your school. If a team made it to state, that team would have the support of the entire community. That sense of fellowship is what I loved about CCISD. Nothing necessarily needs to change in the district other than the food I suppose. They are working with what they have and cannot be blamed for that. Overall, my experience with the district was satisfactory.
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I like that the district makes sure their students are safe. I do not like that they make so many changes within the year.
I feel that the school district should give the students a bigger opportunity to speak up and change what they feel should be improved.
I have grown up attending CCISD all throughout my school years. I have nothing negative to say. I have loved all my teachers and principles. They have always been there for the students.
My experience with Corpus Christi Independent School District, has been very good and has taught me a lot. I wish they could improve on more challenging academics.
What I like about CCISD is that it has many opportunities and programs that allow students to get involved in areas such as Art, Music, Sports and many more.
My experience at CCISD was incredible until high school, when the district didn’t provide the same college prep opportunities as others. Also, I was forcibly transferred schools and was not offered credits such as foreign language I had taken at my previous school. It was an unacceptable move.
I liked the overall feeling of feeling welcomed into such an amazing school district. I attended elementary school, middle school and high school in this district and the schools were always welcoming and whenever a situation occurred throughout the community, the school board always knew how to handle it.
Best school district ever everything there is good especially since im an alumni of Foy H Moody High School Class of 2018
CCISD provides so many extracurricular activities for all students. I also love the fact that CCISD paid for my dual credit classes and textbooks I needed. I also had wonderful counselors to make sure I was meeting all my graduation requirements.
My overall experience with CCISD has been very good. It is a district full of loving and caring teachers that desire to see their students move on to bigger and better things. They provide much career counseling and help us chase after our dreams. The staff is supportive and thoughtful, specially the teachers always pushing us to think outside the box and to look past the superficial learning experience. They provide for us applicable life advice and constantly inspire us to do our best. Of course, however, the building and its facilities could use some renovating and updating, but I am conscious that that requires much money and that they are currently working on these things. This district has been my home for twelve school years and in the future I hope to have the opportunity to work in it as a teacher and bless students the same way I have been blessed.
This school district and the staff included has helped me become such a better, more understanding, smart person! Everyone is so helpful and understanding, they make you feel as if you're family. This district does everything they can for the students like always providing us the books and other resources that we may need. All CCISD staff and administration make sure to cater to us students by always being there and going the extra mile if it's going to help us. If any of the students need help in any kind of way, we know we have such amazing teachers and staff to go to. It's nice knowing that this school district is truly here for us students and want the best for our futures.
I've grown up through CCISD's school system almost since I started school. I started in Robstown for Pre-K3, but moved to CCISD for Pre-K4 and have been there since. It hasn't been a bad experience
Very diverse and overall commend especially
On academics college readiness along with parent involvement . Facilities are all being updated and consolidated. Overall sports is superior. Resources doe the district are excellent.
Corpus Christi Independent School District is a large district with 1 new highschool and 5 old high school. Teachers are dedicated to district and students. CCISD athletics are very good sending many teams to State finals.
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It was refreshing, i really like open fields, and having vast green area was beautiful; could see the growth of crops. Still, whenever there was something threatening the school or area, authorities didn't do much to help.
Didn't really make an effort to show that there was no danger at all except for saying "there is nothing to fear" through speakers. Really comforting.
The place is far, and for my limited sources of transportation-really far.
But i loved the travesi, liked to look from the window and see all the trees and pretty subflowers; this being more of a personal liking.
My school was fine, nothing much, but nothing less. Competitive and -too- stubborns when it came to shooting treats or cold weather.
Cool area, refreshing an peaceful at 6 am.
CCISD is an overall good district. I would like to see changes in the way that they handle bullying of students, teachers and etc... I myself have witnessed bullying among students, faculty and parents. For the most part it is handled pretty good, but it could be handled better. No student, staff or parent should feel that they cannot reach out to administrators and trust that they will handle the situation with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. So many situations end badly and I would hate for any of the schools in our district to be another statistic. We as a community need to figure out what can be done to prevent horrible situations. Other than that our district is great!
The district is very good about ensuring the students get what they need for their education and also love the parents input and try to accommodate with their concerns and any issues.
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