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Coronado Unified School District Reviews

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It is a good experience for learning. If you want to be challenged and are a hard worker this is the school for you. Although, some teachers are not very accessible and don’t teach that well, they will still challenge you and help you start to learn on your own.
I loved the location, the teachers, the environment. It was a great high school experience. High school is tough for everyone but being here made it a little bit easier. I wouldn't have wanted to experience my last 4 years anywhere else!
I enjoy that it’s a small school. We are not very diverse. Students don’t welcome new students. Girls are very judgmental and only care about instagram or snapchat.
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Great people and teacher there that are ready to help you no matter what. They give everything to their jobs and they care about their students.
Coronado High School had a very good choice of teachers and many options when it came to the arts or sports. However, it wasn't five stars for me because as a student I experienced a lot of cliques. However, the education I received there was absolutely incredible and very accommodating.
Coronado was a good diversified school with a lot of potential for their students. I hope they can pick up academically for the benefit of the students in the future.
What I like about Coronado High School the most is the culture. The diversity of people is very great. Teachers are pretty great, there are some who are questionable, but overall they are fine. They really do prepare you a lot for college though. School food is ok, it is improving though. Overalll this is a pretty great school for me.
Coronado Unified School District has good schools that prepare students well for transition to college. CSF provides additional funds to enrich schools above and beyond what is provided for by the State of California. Private school education in public school setting. Teachers and administration offer many services and opportunities to help students who are struggling and need extra help in order to succeed.
No a/c when school was renovated and as a result, days are lost each year to excessive heat. I would like to see expanded school course offerings for electives, like business and finance. Currently offers open campus at lunch to soph and above. I would like to see closed campus except for seniors.
Although Coronado High School provided a great academic experience it also tended to fit itself under the category of the most "cliche" high school experience possible. Full of cliques, a lot of the students are fairly entitled and privileged; thus lacking ethical behavior, and the overall social experience is either in your favor or quite terrifying. All in all, great school in an academic setting, but quite the nightmarish social experience.
I have 2 students at Coronado HS. We are a military family who are only here for a short time and can't wait to leave. Elitist attitudes, unsympathetic to military children and the challenges faced with learning from several different schools, lack of support. For an "elite" school, bragging about having students with only 50% proficiency in Math is pathetic! Don't waste your money living here. There are much better choices in SoCal
Coronado Unified School District is a great district. The familial aspect of Coronado is felt throughout the district and community. There are times when the district could be more open-minded, but overall it is a well-organized and helpful.
This was the best place to go through middle and high school. The staff is extremely talented and the atmosphere is great. Most of the students coming out the high school move on to very impressive colleges.
Coronado is a great school if you are willing to learn. Though a lot of pressure is placed on students to get into a good college, there are many resources one can use to stay ahead. I am very grateful that I have the chance to go to High School here.
Teachers care. The community supports all activities. Sports and Arts are exceptional--beyond a school of Coronado's size normally achieves. The entire school system prepares young people to attain their dreams, be it college, service or vocation.
Coronado high has a great location and is very safe. Having an open campus is nice for the high schoolers. School is dedicated to colle prep and does not offer much else at all to those not fitting that mold.
They do not utilize any resources to help academically challenged students, without parents begging for help. The guidance counselors in the high school do not volunteer any help with college readiness, parents and students have to ask or most times, find all of the information themselves.
Open campus with small communist for support. A lot of student involvement and opportunities to expand.
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I moved here freshman year, and for the most part have enjoyed my time. I made friends with other new students, but it was a little bit of a hard transition. I love most of the teachers I've had, but there have been a few ones who left a bad taste in my mouth. I graduate next year, and am glad I went here. However, it isn't a diverse school by any means, but most people are nice and open to diversity. I feel prepared for college as well.
I am a Christian student. I'm afraid to express my Christian beliefs because of the negative reaction I've seen others get from faculty and other students. I know lots of students in my high school use drugs and its pretty easy to buy drugs if you want them. Right now they are addressing widespread cheating in my school. Now the good part: great facilities, some great teachers and administrators that really care, beautiful weather.
Wonderful facilities, amazing teachers, Coronado Unified offers unparalleled public school education.
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