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I am a student at Norco high school. I have been in this distract my whole life. The people in this district are absolutely amazing. Any guidance I have needed was exceeded. They give us students the tools we need to thrive in life.
As a student, I enjoyed the opportunities this district shared with students like college programs for students such as Upward Bound and AVID or to pursue a white collar profession through the help of STEM, but I would like to see the cafeteria food change by not just changing what is available but what options students can have other than the occasional Honey Mustard Wrap and salad.
I enjoyed how supportive teachers were to each student. Something I would like to see change is the making of a new high school so that Roosevelt is not over crowded.
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K-12 in the CNUSD was a very fun, challenging, and eventful experience. I went to four different schools through my academic experience and loved each and every one of them.
I am currently a senior in high school. I attend at Eleanor Roosevelt High school, and all I have to say is wow. Eleanor Roosevelt is extremely diverse in the student body and faculty as well. We also have amazing teachers who really care for those who want to learn and go off into the world successful. However, our school could work a lot better at creating more food choices for the student body. Now although we have amazing teachers that teach at our school there are a few bad apples that teach here as well, but having teachers you don't necessarily like is part of everyone's school experience. Overall, I rate 10/10.
The Corona-Norco Unified School District is a friendly and diverse environment that strongly supports student teamwork throughout the education system. Teachers constantly help students not only during school hours, but on their own time as well. They put more than a hundred percent into what they do for students and become role models for many people including me. The district listens to the voice of students and creates a fun learning environment where people are able to build on each other's ideas, improving our school's education and experience.
I love that I am able to get the help I need from my excellent teachers. I feel because I am under the Corona- Norco unified school district I feel I have became more successful due to this amazing school district.
I really loved that this school district especially the school Eleanor Roosevelt its full of diverse and positive students and staff. The school is amazing and I'm glad I was able to attend this school and will be graduating soon.
I really enjoyed being part of the Corona-Norco Unified School District, all its academic curriculum and choices of teachers shaped me to be the person I am today. I couldn't be happier to have spent my k-12 in the Corona-Norco Uintified School District.
What I liked was that I had the opportunity to go to John F. Kennedy Middle College High School, which is part of the Corona-Norco Unified School District. It is a small school that is on the Norco College campus. It allows students to take high school classes as well as college classes. Students have the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate's degree. This school takes academics very seriously, and there are many ways to get help with studying or tutoring. The teachers are wonderful, and they care about the students. The school culture is amazing because everyone is welcoming and friendly. I got to experience what college classes were like while balancing my school work with extracurricular activities. There is always something going on at this school, whether it is a powder puff game, a dance, or a club carnival. Students have the flexibility to choose their own schedules based on their college classes.
This is one of the best districts; their opportunities, consistent support, and extracurricular programs have propelled me to attend a nationally ranked university where I am excelling in academic, social, and emotional aspects. In fact, I hope to work in this district once I graduate, in hopes of continuing their legacy of inspiration and dedication.
I really like how all the teachers are very kind and the district is a very good district in my opinion. Things I would like them to fix would be where students should go to school because some home schools are much further away than other schools that aren't their home school. Another thing I would like to be paid more attention to would be the internet. Sometimes it lags or my phone doesn't get service there so in case there's an assignment online, I can't get it done because there's no connection. Same goes with the school internet, it's very slow. Another thing I would like fixed would be the schools emergency drills because although I do know what I'm supposed to do, it's only one teacher in high school who lets us know where everything is or where we should evacuate and I don't think that's very safe.
I have enjoyed my time in the district so far. I have had a great experience with my teachers, and have been well prepared for my exams. One thing that can improve though is communication. I understand many schools are trying to go paperless, but because of this a few things get lost in translation. If not that, sometimes information is only given a few days in advance which can be hard to schedule for. Other than that my three almost four years in the district have been enjoyable.
The school is a great school .I would just like to see more teacher to student interactions.It all depends on the teachers and staff to create well organized students .
i think the school district is nice but they should have something which make the teachers common like some teachers give so many extra credit opportunity where as some of that same subject are just like hard and it is even hard to pass there class so the students do not get the same opportunity to get the good grades.
Corona Norco Unified School district contains multiple teachers and excellent staff that are willing to help you succeed. The schools that I attended made me feel like I was apart of a family. I was friends will all of my principals and teachers. All of them had made lasting impact on my life and my academic career. I would not have wanted to belong to any other district. Also found that all of my teachers were excited to come to work and loved their jobs. All of them had individualized teaching methods that made the material fun to learn and challenged us to think for ourselves.
The admininstration chosen for a certain school is horrible to cooperate with parents and students. One certain school blames the victim in bully situation and cares about dress code more than the well being of a student .
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As a student in the CNUSD district, I enjoy the environment of my high school but I feel there is more that can be improved in the school.
I can’t begin to tell you how great this school district is! From admistration to teachers to all the support staff involved at the district to schools, everyone puts the kids first and are on the same team! They truly do hire and train the best, maybe that’s why it’s so hard for new teachers to get in because the competition is fierce to enter this district. I have two boys that attend Temescal Valley Elementary and El Cerrito middle and I wouldn’t have it any other way! No wonder corona Home prices shot through the roof and slowing catching up to Orange County! I would put this district up with the best of the best and highly recommend to all parents!
I like that Corona-Norco is an open and very diverse area to be in. No one will ever feel singled out in that area. There isn't a ton of things to do in the immediate area but you would not have to drive far to get to somewhere fun.
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