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Cornwall Central School District Reviews

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Plenty of good teachers but horrible administrators. District is definitely overrated. It’s easy to look good on paper when your district is made up of kids that tests are made for. Not good for kids who aren’t cookie cutter kids.
Cornwall was a very good high school. The teachers are well qualified. I believe I could've been prepared more for college. The sporting events were always fun because the school spirit was phenomenal.
As a graduate I do not feel that students are adaquately prepared for life after high school. Cornwall is so focused on academia they forget that not all students are “good” at school, some will not go to college some will just go to work. Those kids are forgotten about
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I liked how Cornwall Central School District is a small town community where everyone knows and supports each other, especially during fundraising events. The school system also offers a decent amount of AP classes to take, preparing students for college. While I love everything about Cornwall, I do wish there was more racial diversity among students.
They say high school is 4 of the best years of you life and to live it up while you're young and that is exactly what I got to do at Cornwall Central High School. I enjoyed the experience I had attending Cornwall, having been the new kid coming from private school I was nervous to start at a new public school. From my first day on I had looked forward to being at school every day. I loved being in a school that felt like a community, which encouraged me to get out of my shell and going the cheerleading team. This is where I began to feel like i was living the cliche, high school life. If I could rate my experience at Cornwall Central High School out of a 10, I would give it a 12.
Nearly every single teacher in Cornwall actually cares about their students’ education and you can tell because they put heart into what they teach. Going to Cornwall has made me a better student while also enjoying my time there. I would hate to be in any other school district. I’m very thankful that my parents decided to buy in Cornwall for the schools.
I loved going to CCHS they offer so much and the teachers there are so very helpful and hands on. the sport programs get a lot of help throughout the district. I was a cheerleader and we received so much help from the school. I would recommend Cornwall over any other school and I wouldn't of wanted to go to any other school. I am so proud to call Cornwall my home. Now if they were to change the school I would like if the staff were a little more lenient with walking in the halls during the day. I feel like the staff there are always watching what you're doing like you're always doing something bad when you're not. but other than that I loved my experience in cornwall and wouldn't trade it for the world.
Cornwall Central High School has been a good place to learn the past 4 years. I felt that it prepared me very well for the academic side of college but not so much in the choosing of which university to attend. I don’t feel it prepared me for life after college either. They push you more to further your education rather than go right into the work force even though many students choose this route as well.
The district is a good size, not too big or small. The faculty at the lower grade levels are great, but in my experience, many of the high school faculty could improve greatly on their job performance.
Although the school itself is not poorly run or underfunded, I find that it often lacks dedication and effort on both the student's side and the faculty's side. I've definitely encountered a handful of excellent teachers and students here, but far too often see the same personality type in most of those I see.
The Cornwall Central School District is incredibly fortunate in that it has access to incredible resources and opportunities, especially in the science department. The teachers are, for the most part, dedicated and passionate about their subjects. Unfortunately, the administration is often reluctant to allow student involvement in the district, and is known to actively resist student-proposed and run clubs and, more recently, walkouts in protest of the Parkland shootings.
The building and teachers are wonderful. However faculty that are high ranking often abuse power and have it out for specific students. Coaches of sports are horrible and do not treat athletes with respect.
It is a good school, exceeding in sports and extracurriculars. Some teachers need to be fired in my opinion, but as a whole Cornwall Schools is a lot better than most.
Cornwall Central School District, to me, was very positive influence and up to date on the curriculum. Cornwall Central High School, as a minority, was very diverse which made me a lot more comfortable. The athletics and after school activities are a big part of the culture in the Cornwall Central School District area. Overall, I highly recommend parents send their children to Cornwall Schools.
I have attended Cornwall Schools since the first grade. There are plenty of activities and sports programs to get involved and meet new people for students of all ages. Cornwall is consistently a very academically successful and competitive district as well. The campuses of each school are maintained well and it is easily one of the best districts in the area. I have enjoyed my time at the district and truly appreciate everything it has done to help me become who I am today.
I liked the overall academic experience and arts oppurtunities. However there could be more diversity and extracurricular opportunities.
Cornwall is a great place for academics and sports. Administration is too involved and strict. School food is terrible. Dress code is sexist.
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The Cornwall Central School Dostrict has Provided opportunities for me in several areas of my life. I have been able to participate in several extracirriculars through the school such as varsity swim and dive, along with several other afterschool clubs. I take pride in my school as we have excelled in not only academics (being ranked top one of the top schools in our county), but athletics as well. It is a relatively new building, therefore has excellent facilities. The teachers have left a lasting impact on my life and way of thinking. I consider mysef extremely blessed to have received such a quality education through cornwall schools.
Cornwall School district is a great district to start you family off in. The community is very welcoming and the teachers are accommodating.
This is a quality school that offers good opportunities for students. There are relatively small classrooms and most teachers are dedicated and motivated. Some teachers are not, but that's only what can be expected of any school. It lacks diversity and does not have a large variety of classes because it is a smaller school. Overall, I enjoyed my experiences at Cornwall and always felt safe and well taken care off.
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