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Corning Union High School District Reviews

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A teacher at the school was transphobic towards a stupid as well as many of the students being not the best of people. A math teacher also had issues, would not recommend this school, go to chico high.
Most teachers are pretty cool. Had a blast through my high school years. Only thing bad was that I would find the lunch ladies hair in my food sometime. Eww. Other than that pretty good
The teachers care about your future career and they try to encourage you to take as many college courses that you can take. My school has a healthy environment and the students here aren't judgemental.
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Corning high is an amazing school overall beautiful campus and mostly caring faculty. I will admit some of the counsulers are confusing and hard to work with. We have a fairly diverse school but living in the countryside there is a couple close minded people.
I love the way our High School comes together and celebrates, we are one big family. Homecomings are one of the biggest things at our school, and our whole school, even our whole town comes together for a kickoff parade. The way this school makes everyone feel safe and us teens know we can come to school everyday and feel safe, and comfortable with everyone.
Corning Union High School has an absolutely and incredibly unique student culture that is not found anywhere else. The enthusiasm and school spirit embedded in each student is unreal. One particular area that needs improvement is the science culture of the school. On the other hand, an incredibly strong culture at Corning Union High School is the art culture. From dance performance to music to art classes, and everything in between. Art is one of the many way for Corning High students to express themselves and make themselves heard. The school itself is also a place where students come together to form new friendships, make lasting memories, and celebrate what it really means to be a Corning Cardinal.
my experience here is terrible our ad and our strength teacher both have dips in all the time, the school is more obsessed with catching kids vaping then teaching, our school does not care about what you want, I have even been told that i'm not smart enough to go to college as well while i have attended this school.
I have attended Corning Union High School for all four of my high school years. It has been a great experience. It is a place where I have adults that I can trust, and that encourage me to do my best. I feel well prepared for my college classes, and I appreciate this school for all the opportunities I've had.
My experience at Corning High School was good, there are a lot of different activities that you can participate in. There are activities going on during lunch and after school.There are also great sports and different clubs. Teachers and counselors are willing to help when you need it. It is a small school and the environment at Corning is comfortable and fun.
The school has an extremity amount of problems they need to fix. The teachers don’t understand how to conduct themselves accordingly and they are extremely disrespectful to their student. The school spends money on unnecessary things that don’t even contribute to our campus.
Corning High is very welcoming school for students. All of the staff and teachers are friendly and dedicated to the success and well-being of their students. Academic help is readily given.

One possible improvement that could be made at Corning High is to implement a wider range of classes. These mainly means more AP classes.
Corning High School is a small high school which makes it easier to get to know a lot of people. There is a lot of pride and a lot of ways people can get invlolved. What I would like to see more is participation at fundraisers.
Our school has a lot of pride in what we do including events in sports and clubs. However there is a lack of positivity in the faculty. Sometimes it felt like they knew we would fail especially in the math department. There is huge absence in parent involvement for helping out around the school. We lack a variety of classes, there's not much we can do if we wanted to take a different path than the typical one. But Corning has done a good job trying to help seniors find their right path by provided college fairs and connections to their future careers. But I am happy to have had my high school experience at Corning despite the weaknesses in the administration.
Going to Corning High School was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The teachers work with you so well and really care about your education. The staff works really well as whole making sure everyone is going to class on time and being where they're supposed to be. The parents of the kids really help out with sports or other school events and they are a big part of what helps make this school so great. Lots of students are involved as well as our school police officer making us feel safe everyday.
Corning Union High School implements the learning of agriculture, carpentry/woodshop, art/ceramics, welding, food education, or dance. This is a wide variety of "electives" that a student can take that will help them in finding out what they like to do and possibly what they want to be once they graduate. CUHS' electives are what I like best about the school.
Corning union high school has many sports and clubs for students to get involved in I would highly recommend going to this school. If I could change one thing it would to have more people involved in sports and clubs.
What I like about Corning union high school mostly everything, why because it's such a great school. Teachers,and students are all very nice. There is not one thing I would like to change
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I liked the teachers especially the art teacher because she really breaks down step by step on how to do things and it makes myself feel more comfortable to be in her class. I love the school spirit and traditions Corning High School has. Everybody is s friendly and try there best to do the right things even picking up trash around the school to keep our campus clean.
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