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I love the college and career readiness standard they set for all of their students. The Cambridge curriculum is truly challenging, yet positive for all CSD students.
Very good school district with exceptional schools. Teachers are amazing and strive to help every student any way they can. Has a rather obnoxious PDA policy in the high school and middle school (two friends can't even high five without being given a stern talking to and sometimes the administration even goes so far as to give ISS.) But other than that, the Corinth district is rather amazing and I've been lucky to spend the last 8 years in the school district.
Corinth School District holds a special place in my heart. I grew up there and loved it. The school is on a Cambridge program, which prepares students for college. They make sure that students are college and career ready after they graduate. I can personally say that I benefited from not only the program there, but also in faculty. I love my school district and hope to one day enroll my children there as well.
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Corinth is a small school, in a small town. My class has 70 in it, thiugh average is closer to 100. Many teacjers care, and work hard. There are definitely some who don't teach much of anything, and are very unpleasant. The food is normal, mediocre public school lunch. Most students aren't very hard working, or driven. Many end up going to Suny Adirondack, former community college. Counselors are fine, though often unaccesible, you have to find your own opportunities.
It’s really nice because you’re always pushed to academic excellence and get computers but at the same time it can get pretty rigorous depending on the classes you take
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I really like the schools here. The staff is very helpful and easy to get ahold of if you need help or if there is a problem with your child and another child.
Corinth school district has been a wonderful place for both of my lids. I have one at Corinth Middle School and 1 at Corinth Elementary. We have always had amazing teachers and the administrative staff is always ready to help. The technology available truly helps each child embrace the learning experience as well as prepare them for college, work, etc. This is by far the best school syst in and around Alcorn County. I absolutely love how we have no fundraisers and plenty of extracurricular activities for the kids to help keep them busy and focused after school. This is by far the best school systemI have ever seen.
This school has great academics and sports choices. It has great ACT scores! There are many choices in thing Stuart the student would like to learn. This gives great opportunities to different kids with different mindsets.
Corinth School District has helped me to become a better person in the real world and in the academic world.
My experience at Corinth High School, is that I feel like I am getting the best education in Mississippi! I just feel like the teachers should be more devoted to making sure that the kids understand the curriculum.
Attending Corinth High School is an incredible experience. My school is one of the only schools in the United States that has started a new curriculum called Cambridge that originates from England. This curriculum challenges us and opens our minds to a new way of thinking and problem solving. Even though it can be challenging at times it helps many students including myself strive for a higher level of education. Cambridge at first was a stock to many of the students but over time it has became easier and easier. I would like to thank Corinth School District for enlightening me on a new way of teaching.
The Corinth School District is one of the best things that has ever happened to me as a student. The accelerated courses allow me to learn more and work faster, applying knowledge at my own pace. If you live anywhere near these schools, go to them or take your kids.
Corinth High School has prepared me for college entrance through the Cambridge program. Our school offers opportunities for community involvement as well as academic learning.
Corinth School District is a great place to attend school. We are on a Cambridge curriculum and it has helped my writing and thinking skills improve. There is not a thing I would have changed about my school experiences. They proved you with laptops to keep up on your education. It is definitely an up to date school.
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