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Overall prepared me for college and teachers were great, but resources were poor and issues with teachers or among students were handle very poorly.
Corbett school district is a poorly funded, rural school with a very small population of students. Although the community can be pretty set in their ways, and have failed to pass a bond that would allow them to build a new middle school campus that would be safer and healthier, the community of students and faculty is still very strong and supportive. Despite our set backs and being one of the most poorly funded schools in the nation we have a very high graduation rate and take almost exclusively AP level classes. Through strong bonds and perseverance there is a network of hard working, passionate students who, with the help of specific faculty, face odds to achieve their goals. My only wish would be that the school was able to be more diverse, and i think it is very important to have diversity in your life, however it has been difficult in a rural community.
I liked that corbett school district was a very inclusive community, The faculty cared about the students and got to know them on individual levels. I liked that it was a smaller high school, and everyone knew one another. It felt like a very close-knit community. One thing I would change is the fact that they do not offer many classes at all. I would've liked to have more options when it came to what classes I took.
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Student Body is relatively uniform, made up of kids who live nearby out in Corbett. Largely caucasian student body, which made being a different ethnicity a lil awkward.
I would like to see more diversity and a higher value for respect amongst the students. It is very good academically, but the student experience with others is either REALLY good or REALLY bad. I kept to myself for a really long time and had minimal issues with others, but I just wish I had more friends and people I could relate to. A lot of people there are closed minded, arrogant, and rude. There are a few handfuls of people who are nice, genuine people, but a lot only want drama amongst themselves which I believe gets in the way of both academics and the overall experience there.
Corbett School District was enjoyable because of how small it was in comparison to other schools around the area. Small class sizes allowed for more individual learning objectives between students and teachers. one disadvantage within Corbett school district is that many of the buildings are on the older side which means that some items may be run down, or broken,
Amazing teachers, a ton of AP classes, but gross and unclean campus. I'll have been there for a total of 8 years, and I don't regret it, but it was difficult sometimes.
When I went to this school it was still the apart of the charter school. It was a decent hight school the student body was small. Their sports program was not great. Most of the teachers where good and some were not so great. One of the teachers went on a field trip to the beach and left one of their student behind when they left.
Corbett offers free AP classes to all students and encourages students to take them. However, it somewhat lacks in extracurricular variety and in offering outside resources.
It is a very good school for getting AP credits without paying for AP tests. The community is somewhat small, so it is easier to get to know the people that attend there.
I went to corbett for 7 years and it's easily one of the best schools out there. I'm mean, the teachers are nice, the academics are great. But sport and clubs are lack luster.
Corbett has provided me with a unique interdisciplinary education that I would not have received anywhere else. The community feeling makes up for the lack of choices in academics. Overall, a great school.
Corbett is a fine school. Nothing here really stands out—the people are nice, the capum has a great view of Mt. Hood, and the teachers all have energetic personalities. My experience at Corbett schools hasn't been fantastic, but I know it's the kind of environment some people need.
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