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Coppell Independent School District Reviews

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The atmosphere was very friendly. The administration was very kind, and the counselors were helpful. Some teachers were not that very good in teaching their subject. They were not helpful when students asked questions. It was difficult for me to learn the subject when I had these types of teachers.
Overall a very good school district. I do not like how over the last few years, the schools have been very technology focused. Children do not really know how to write in cursive and proper grammar is not an emphasis.
CISD is a fantastic place to learn. I love getting taught about real world things and things that I am interested in. I also Love the theatre program at Coppell middle school West!
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Its really not as good as people say it is. It reality depends on what teacher you get. Some teacher actually want you to do good in life so they teach. But a lot of other teachers just here for a check and they barley teach.
Coppell ISD prepared me for college wonderfully in the years that I attended the school district. The teachers and the environment taught me to "reach for the stars" and forced me to do my best all of the time.
As a parent of three children in Coppell ISD, I can assure you that the rankings are all overrated. The teachers are hit or miss. Some of them are phenomenal while others are borderline abysmal. Most of the parents I speak with also feel they were misled on the quality of the district as a whole.
The district administration and school board are overwhelmed and unable to adequately run a district of this size. Perhaps it was good a few years ago but in the 5 years we have live here it has gone downhill rapidly. One example is the new Coppell West Middle School. They moved the school to the far south part of the district. Yet they didn't redraw the attendance zones. So now you have students going to a Middle School 7 miles from their house rather than going to Middle School North which is only 1.2 miles from their house. That is absurd. That is only one example of the lack of foresight that is ruining this once good district.
My school regulates students on things that don't matter while ignoring real and more severe issues. Some classes are not a good environment to be in. But, the education is very good because teachers are very involved and help prepare students for college. There is a wide array to endorsements and electives to choose from
Coppell is a great school! It helps you challenge yourself and get prepared for college. There are many different class and courses you may take. Coppell provides different opportunities and chances o try something new every year. Of course Coppell has some downs like the traffic in the parking lot, but all schools have downsides to them. Coppell does have many upsides to it including great sporting events and team to join, good lunch food, and a great education!
This school districts main focus is on learning, in many way they succeed with it but there is always an albatross. The cheating in the middle school and the high school is intrusive. The emphasis on learning constructed an environment in which immigrants, especially those of asian descent, flocked to the area to provide their children with the best opportunities, however they have instilled an intense pressure on their children to succeed academically. The school district is trying to crack down on cheating, however with the pressure on students to achieve, the cheating has become more and more creative and therefore remains the main problem at this school. The district itself focuses more upon grades and GPA than actual learning, especially in the accreted classes.
The teachers through know how to prepare students for college by giving them good study habits and tips on how to succeed in university.
We are having a great time in this district. We moved from Austin in January this year. The district has a great academic and sports culture which we were looking for. The teachers and staff are awesome.
I like coppell high school but the teachers need to improve. some teachers dont teach and i get behind in class
I have been blessed to have so many amazing opportunities in this school district. At the High School, I have become very involved with the engineering department where I have so many tools, certifications, and skills at my disposal. I have been mentored by teachers who have shown joy in the classroom. While I do with the school would show just as much funds and enthusiasm with the fine arts and other areas of the school outside of sports, all aspects of the school still have reached great heights of extraordinary.
I like the competitive environment at the school. It is a place for people the express themselves and try their hardest and there are many opportunities for growth and development.
I liked the pride the students have behind their fellow students no matter what the interest was, from solar car racing, to theatre, to football, everyone supported everyone.
As a Senior my years at Coppell we’re pretty average for a High School student as well as my expirence
It is a very competitive school district. Due to the competitiveness, most of the teachers are really good because there isa high standard to uphold.
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It is a very competitive and academically rigorous school but it is definitely worth it. I had amazing teachers who prepared me extremely well for college and it just has amazing energy.
I did not feel well prepared for college. I was also not impressed with the faculty/coaches in the girls basketball organization.
I attended Coppell High School for my junior and senior years. The school itself is large and even has a state of the art sports arena. There are numerous clubs and extracurricular opportunities, so students can find a niche if they diligently try. CHS offers a substantial number of honors, AP and IB classes for those seeking academic rigor and some teachers offer after-school tutoring sessions. The worst aspects of Coppell High School? The terrible cheating epidemic which has plagued the school in recent years! Some students here are so driven to secure academic success that they are willing to sacrifice their ethics. The teachers are well aware of it, so, fortunately, more actions are being taken to bust the cheaters!The expansive size of the school may work against some students because sometimes, it is difficult for information (about club meetings, extracurricular opportunities, etc. ) to get around.
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