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The experience here at Coosa was on average. There is the normal drama between teens and that things like that. Most of the time everyone gets along. You rarely see a fight here. You have the teachers that you are not the biggest fan of and the teachers that you are. Also, you have the normal school lunches that are good sometimes and then sometimes they could have a little work.
My school is located in a very rural area. We also have a very low population of students compared to other surrounding schools. We recently consolidated due to lack of funds.
I loved most about this school because it was very connected not much bullying because others would quickly step in to help stop the bully. What I would like for the school to improve on is to hear the students opinions on how they would see the school as being better.
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Coosa School district USED to be a great place to go to school. The new principal has made things much worse. Kids have chrome books that they can take home now and when filling out scholarships they cannot even get on half of the websites because they are "blocked by the administration" seriously? A scholarship website? The food is horrid as well. I mean all school food is bad because it has to be healthy, and they try their best to make it as tasty as possible, I will give them that, BUT kids only have ONE choice! So if your kid doesn't like what they are having that day, I guess they just go hungry!? The quality of education is good in the HISTORY, MATH, ENGLISH and TRADE SCHOOL department...but thats about it...Senor is a god teacher as well. Another bad thing is THEY NEVER SANITIZE THAT SCHOOL EVERYONE IS ALWAYS SICK!! I mean if I was the janitior I wouldnt do it either because theres only ONE janitor for ALL 4 schools!!
My experience at Central High School Coosa County was very delightful. The atmosphere of the high school was nothing less of supportive and pure enjoyment. The teachers there are very considerate of your future endeavors. I was also able to form personal connections with other students that are going to last a lifetime. On the academic side of things, I feel that the school could use more encouragement and involvement from the faculty as well as the parents. This, I feel, would ensure the college readiness of most students.
The school is a very good school when it comes to teaching. They allow the students to have break, and keep kids focus.
There are so little staff its a wonder anything gets done. How can a student have one on one time with a counselor when there is only on per school and all their time is focused on the seniors?? Not only that but each teacher has 5 or 6 classes to teach!!! Every blue moon grades might get put in.
To be honest with you, I have not enjoyed my experience so far at my school. There is a lot of things that the school can improve on. The education is wack, the books are old and torn apart, we don't have any good computers, the food is horrible, the bathrooms are dirty, and the system is just messed up. I could continue, but I wish not to waste your time.
Overall, Coosa County was a good school. There can be some improvement of preparing students for college. There are good and bad things about every school. I graduated a few years back and I haven't been back so I do not know if anything has changed, but I'm sure they are making improvements, heading in the right direction.
I arrived at this school simply because I made and effort and actually completed my assignments and paid attention in class. This is a very small school in a rural county so there is little to no funding. However the teacher are very resourceful and they work with what they have. This school is often put down because it is I'm a rural county but if you a determined and can make the most out of what you have there should not be a problem. I graduated in 2015, since then almost the entire staff has been replaced, the students are on a block schedule, and there are more virtual classroom experiences.
It is a good school when the teacher actually cares. I did have one problem with bullying and the school didnt want to do anything
My experience at Central of Coosa County high school has been a long life lesson. While there I learned to never give up against any opposition. Teachers have taught me life will not get easier just because you want it to. Also being in a small rural area has shown me to use my resources to the best of my abilities. Although there have been some moments school staff has not been up to average. In the end I will always love what made me who I am.
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