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I had a good experience at this high school with teachers and students in despite of the virtual learning. I still maintained a good GPA overall. I learned to be open to other alternative ways of learning. One assignment that I will remember is we had to write a letter to to our future son or daughter explaining what is was like during the pandemic. On this letter I explained who the pandemic changed the lives of many people globally and it took lives as well.
Being a high school student can be hard. Coolidge made it tens times easier. The kids at Coolidge high school are non judgmental and most are easy to talk to. The teachers are excellent and go above and beyond to meet your needs as a student, they understand that you may be busy or have other responsibilities to take care of. One teacher in particular, he is simply amazing. He was a marine in the Marine corps. He makes sure ever is going well at home and at school. He teaches leadership, responsibility, accountability and teamwork. He is truly one of the best teachers I have ever had. Sometimes, the office or admin forget to announce certain things or are behind, but they are extremely busy most days. Coolidge High School has given me an amazing High School experience that I wouldn’t change for the world.
Coolidge is a small town. Everyone grows up with one another and therefore, it's a tight knit community. The teachers care about helping students and are very patient.
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As I go into my senior year here at the Coolidge Unified School District I am starting to look back and see all the beautiful and encouraging times I had. The teachers here are always working to build up students and drive them towards college. It's amazing how every day I walk in and these wonderful men and women remind me that I am capable of getting into any college I set my mind too. My hope for the districts future would be to see the district try harder to help encourage the students to volunteer more in their community. I believe this is very important and that the Coolidge district can do it.
The Website could use a lot of work. Its really hard to navigate and even harder to contact admin. Some issues require so many third party websites and most of the time the website doesnt seem to work so then you are left out in the dust.
What I personally liked about Coolidge unified is the atmosphere. It is very home town very connected feeling which helps the students grow as people. I would like to see the arts programs improve with more parent and admin involvement.
Coolidge High School is a very unique, diverse place. There have been very many enjoyable experiences. Being apart of the band has been
My 4 years at Coolidge high school has have to be the most memorable journey in my life so far. The community shows endless support when it comes to sports. Teachers are very engaging with their students. I would love them to change their academic content taught in school. I want them to prepare student for the real & next level of schooling.
They are very friendly and helpful, they also are very talkative and act like a community,. They always show support for kids even if they’re not theirs and the teachers always motivate the children.
Coolidge High school is the I attended.Coolidge is a small town so everyone I went to school with all knew each other one way or another. I've learned so much and met my best friend there.
I’m the district we have a program that you have apply for to get in, it guides first generation students into furthering there education. Being a part of Upward Bound has have me a shoulder to lean on when I need it.
I am currently a Senior at Coolidge High School, having attended the school all four years. I have enjoyed my time as a Coolidge Bear, with the student diversity, the teachers and staff always ready to help, and the small campus easy to traverse. Both of the Elementary Schools teach the young children everything they need to know before high school, then they get ready to Bear Down at CHS!
I liked that Coolidge High School was very welcoming. I would like to see the classes change by getting more challenging. I liked how at this school everyone felt like a family.
At Coolidge High School you are received with many great classes taught by a diversity of different teachers. There is a variety of electives to choose from as well as extracurricular activities to participate in. Coolidge High School is also partnered up with CAVIT, Central Arizona Valley Institute Of Technology, to provide juniors and seniors the opportunity to elect a possible future career if they so choose to pursue it. For example, at CAVIT, they have programs such as: nursing assistant, medical assistant massage therapy, dental assistant, veterinary assistant, law enforcement, cosmetology, and fire science, all in which student can be given a certification or license in thee chosen profession. Not only that but Coolidge High School also has an extraordinary FFA program that will gives students the chance to expand their knowledge in the agriculture field and participate in constructive events.
I had a decent experience at Coolidge high school. I had some great teachers and the students in my pass were pretty awesome as well. I will say that on the basis of high schools, Coolidge did a good job. However, I will also say I feel like the standards of my high school were in the shadow of other schools in my district, and most definitely in other districts. Talking to some of my friends now, who I know went to school in maricopa County as opposed to Pinal County where Coolidge high school is, I feel very inferior as to what I could've learned in high school in maricopa County. The schools in maricopa County were far more advanced, giving students the option to take human anatomy in high school and get a head start with college level sciences while Coolidge's highest science class was biology 2. I feel that if Coolidge would raise it standards just a little bit they would be a much better school, but I am thankful for they opportunities and experiences that I had there.
The Coolidge Unified School District is very involved with the community. The District grade has significantly raised since my very first year at Coolidge High School. These schools offer many very beneficial opportunities to its students and the environment is very warm and welcoming.
The staff is great and genuinely wants their students to succeed. They are willing to help even know their own time. The elective choices are limited, however, the ones offered are very diverse.
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It has a nice community, and the teachers do the best they can, but it really doesn't do enough to prepare students for a university education. It prepares students barely even enough to go to community college, and I think it's something that can be improved over time
I moved to Coolidge from Mesa in the third grade and I realized how different the teaching system was out here. It was a very welcoming school district but I had learned all off the information the year before and it was just a repeat for me. I did manage to learn and study on my own while taking honors classes. I attend Grand Canyon University now and without my high school diploma from Coolidge High School I would not have made it there. An education is an education anywhere you go but if you make it count and take the time to learn you can accomplish anything.
I liked the effort put fourth by the staff to encourage students to attend every day. I would like to see an emphasis on educating students about the college enrollment process and accessing information on careers that interest the students. Also I would like to see a change in the accessibility to counselors and administrative staff which as of now is arbitrary and counterproductive to the students.
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