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Cook County school system has its good and its bad. It's a relatively smaller size, so most students know each other, which makes it easier to feel comfortable. However, this makes it easier for students to branch off into cliques. One thing I would change is the limited amount of extra curricular activities that it offers.
Well the way they treat you and more fun stuff that is educational
More good teachers and polite students
Cook High School was very active in the science and arts. I was very lucky to be apart of a school that did its very best for its students and made learning fun.
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I have loved my school from the beginning every year went by so fast I cannot even believe there are graduating this May I love going up through Cook County school systems and it just taught me a lot about myself even the teachers were great for the most part. Cook High School has been a great part of my life and it saddens me that it all has to end. I'm not going to say that I'm not gone cry at graduation because we all knwk that I am I don't want any of this to end but I knwk it must. I love Cook High School and I wish it and every one in it the very best.
The main staff in the administration doesn't really care about the well being of the students. They just want money. Most of the teachers care extremely for the students and they should be the ones making the decisions. I just wish money wasn't the school's obvious main focus.
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