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Cook County School District No. 130 Reviews

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I like the teachers that they employ but the schools need more funding and the school needs more supplies so that it doesn't have to ask the kids to supply the school for their education
It's a typical school experience. You go to school, learn, all that good stuff. I'm a high school senior and I'm ready to be out of here for college!
It's a nicer place than I thought and I feel safer here but of course it's not prefect. There are some arguments but there's plenty to do here.
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The schools offer a challenging curriculum allowing students to compete against one another. This nature allows students to be better fit for the obstacles provided by life ahead.
Overall my time and now in cook county school district I have a great meeting new teacher and some of those teacher impact my life in a big way also the school culture is great because I feel apart of my school community.
The Cook County District Is Excellent. The People In the schools’s make sure they keep you updated with the fun activities going on , Make sure your grades are great, gets me ready for college & also make sure the students stay on track .
Growing up, the teachers always cared for the students and wanted to see us succeed no matter what. However, our district lacked the funding to provide the constant grow they wanted us to show. It created many conflicts between each school and feelings of resentment. But the activities and effort to provide fun into the learning environment, was well worth the effort the students put in.
They are very helpful, they make sure you are on top of your grades &a most importantly college ready.
I love Cook County. It's really safe and I the schools are great as well. I recommend this place to anyone who wants their children to go to good schools.
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