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Converse County School District No. 1 Reviews

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Douglas highschool was a great highschool. they did everything they could to help me get what i needed and help me get through there as quickly as possible.
Well it was a good place to graduate high school from but some of the teachers shouldn't have been there.
The district devotes most of its money toward sports funding, and less toward activities and academics. Although they say sports, activities, and academics are all treated equally, sports are most cared about in this school district.
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i don't remember too much. it was an ok school. the people was normal and the food was mediocre. my favorite part was going home at the end of the day to be completely honest
Douglas High School (DHS) is a great school to go to so that you may get the high school experience. The teachers are amazing; they are always able to help the students. Also the teachers and administration give us the space we need to express ourselves in a safe welcoming environment. Our sports and clubs are very accepting to everyone. We do a lot of fun activities at DHS like pep rallies, parades, assemblies and many more. This is one of the best schools that I have been to, and I have been to 6 in in three different states from first grade all the way to twelfth.
I've had a great expierince in Douglas High School. I love all of the different activities and courses we are offered including my favorites: interact, Chior, personal finance, woods, World Geography and many more. Overall I cannot say I do not like anything about this school.
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