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Constantine Public School District Reviews

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Constantine has a decent public school system. With helping those that need extra attention, to making those feel welcome that are new--Constantine does a decent job.
My experience with this district is quite positive. I graduated from this school in 2015 and, at least back then, most teachers did all they possibly could to ensure student success. For its demographics (with a third of the county youth living under the poverty line) this school works hard to encourage positive behavior and later prosperity. There is always room for improvement, of course.
Constantine Public Schools are located in a small, close-knit, country region. The athletics are strong and very much supported by fellow students and parents! There are so many opportunities that could be taken within the academics; dual enrollment, internships, advanced classes, and many electives!
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Constantine high school is a great school with a lot to do. They have an excellent athletic program and focus on academics. During my time at constantine i have made many great memories with alot of great friends. Freshman year they were all about not getting caught up in extraciricular activities and keeping your grades up. Sophmore year they were pushing extra hard to keep a good academic pase and be ready for junior year and the SAT. Junior year hits and everything goes out the window. You better be ready for the SAT and work hard if you want to get into a good college. After you take the SAT you need to keep focus on college and be ready to go into the real world. The end of senior year you should be ready to take on the world and do great things. That is my experience of constantine high school.
They need to focus more on individual students' educational needs and less on athleticism. They're decent at teaching, but always hold advanced students back and don't support students that are behind enough to catch up. Spend less on football and more on educational programs that will help children's futures.
It's a nice school. Safe neighborhood, good curriculum, decent food, everybody knows everybody, and the teachers can more easily help you individually. Unfortunately there isn't the most diverse set of extracurriculars and the principle picks favorites, but he's one of the longer lasting principles (he's been here 2 years).
the schools been great the don't put up with bullying and they help kids that have problems at home they make sure kids get the right education they so they can be prepared for whatever comes next in there life they make sure the special needs kids get the same amount of education and the same attention and support
I transferred over to Constantine at the end of my sophomore year due to safety issues at my last school. My senior class at my last school was only 50 while at Constantine my senior class is almost 100. Moving to Constantine was the best thing that ever happened. The school through academics and clubs has truly allowed me to explore my self and truly discover who I am. The teachers are always there and try to help but it being bit of a bigger school its sometimes hard to get the one on one time. They offer plenty of ways to get you ready for college making us well prepared for the real world. Resources are sometimes limited due to budget cuts over the years. Parental involvement is some what limited depending on what it is for. All and all Constantine is a pretty great well rounded school.
Constantine was okay. I mean the students were very drama filled but the teachers were very nice and the sports were very fun. The football games were over exaggerated and all other sports nobody really cared about. Academic honors weren't really awarded. There weren't many clubs. The classes were oddly large. But, the teachers were always willing to help.
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