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District No. 230 has three main schools: Stagg, Andrew, and Sandburg. I personally attended Stagg high school. To say the very least, I received the typical high school experience: didn't know my social scene, got bullied, figured out my true friends, and had fun. However, the one anomaly to my high school experience was the high school itself. Stagg is much different than Andrew and Sandburg. We, as a school, all collectively grew together as young adults, embraced our differences, and had fun while doing it. District 230. It is really the little things that matter. I would only suggest that we have more "Say Something" weeks in order to diversify friend groups and all be friends or acquaintances. Overall, my experience in District 230 was very good.
What I like about Consolidated High School District No. 230 is that everyone is able to be themselves. Some students sometimes get nervous or scared when being forced to step outside of their comfort zone. At Consolidated High School No. 230, being out of your comfort zone is encouraged. This district is a place where everyone is able to talk to and interact with anyone because being yourself is the best form of yourself you can be.
My experience with district 230 would have to be amazing. Everyday I go to school and learn something new. My school is very diverse and with that I get to meet new people with different cultures. My teachers are outstanding and I feel like over the years I have grow relationships with them. I feel very safe here and I know I have people looking out for me. I get involved with either it be a club or sport. I have done student council, which was a fun way to meet other students and to get involve. For my first two years I was a three sport athlete. I was in volleyball, basketball and soccer and along with club soccer. My coaches were amazing and I loved being part of all that! My years in district 230 and unexplainable!
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I have been in the district since first grade, and am a junior in Carl Sandburg, which is my second year in the district since I left freshman year for a school in the city. Sometimes the lines blur between schools, but if I really searched, I would know why D230 was a better for me. What made D230 stand out to me throughout the years was the amount of help someone could get if they were stuck with a subject. Sophomore year, I constantly went to my chemistry teacher's extra help, which she took out of her own time, from 6 to 9 pm almost every Wednesday. This helped me tremendously, along with other kids who went to the review. My math teacher had reviews too, from 3 to 4 pm after school every Tuesday, and often on days before quizzes or tests to provide extra help. As someone who prefers my own teachers over tutors, it helped me in more ways than one to have another chance to truly grasp the knowledge my teacher provided.
This school has built in study time to the daily schedule, so students can get extra help from teachers. There are several sports teams and clubs so there is something for everyone.
District 230 is great! They care about their students' safety and care about all of their student's concerns! They are always open to suggestions and work constantly to keep up with the student body's needs and wants. They are very up to date and wants to be involved in the students daily lives!
The school is very big and nice. The teachers are helpful most of the time. There isn’t much diversity but they do try to involve the different cultures sometimes for certain events. Overall I would say you would enjoy the school district.
This district is a good academic school. Being a part of multiple clubs has helped with my experience. But the food in the cafeteria is meh at best. Also certain parts of the Andrew building are very drab and dreary. Very dark and not very welcoming. I remember my first time walking in and thinking I wanted to get out. Also some of the teachers at Andrew are terrible grades. What students in the Andrew building say about the teachers are "very good people, but not very good techers."
My daughter didn't go to Jr High in the district and felt very welcome her first week at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School and had a wonderful 4 years there.
I went to Carl Sandburg High School. I had a great experence there. Carl Sandburg is a fantastic school. The acedemics were prestine and the teachers are very knowledgeable. There are almost 4 thousand students at this school and has plenty of sports, clubs, and activities to take part in. I played soccer in High School. I played all 4 years of High School. It bettered my experience at Carl Sandburg and helped me make lots of friends too. Its also very diverse.
I like the opportunities my school offers. Many options as far as classes, sports, extracurricular activities, college prep/help. I also like most of the teachers and staff and feel they do a good job overall.
I loved the education system, as well as the kind faculty. The school builing is very safe and very diverse. The students there are great and the teachers make sure that you understand the concepts.
They offered so many classes and extracurricular activities. There is really something for everyone to do! I was apart of multiple sport teams and clubs! All the teachers were there to see you succeed and would always teach you another way if you didn't understand it the first time. It was overall a great experience and I wouldn't go to any other high school but Carl Sandburg!
The schools in District 230 are great high schools to send your kids to. I attended all four years of high school at Victor J Andrew High School. During my time, I was able to make lifelong friendships, be challenged in my academics, and figure out what I wanted to be when I was all done with my schooling. The school spirit is off the charts and there is a large array of activities, sports, and clubs to be involved in. I personally did relay for life, the spring musicals, and drama club. The teachers there really want you to do well in all aspects of life. That is why my sophomore year they put in advisory time which is a time where students can get extra help in any school subject. This definitely helped academically but it also encouraged relationships between students and teachers. It is much easier to get through class when the teacher understands their students, especially because this is a school with much diversity.
Going to school in this district was amazing! There were many opportunities for us as students . The staff was very helpful.
D230 composes of 3 high schools. 2 of the schools have about 2500 students while the 3rd has about 4000. The schools vary in socioeconomic status.
Safe school with good teachers. Student body is a bit clique-y, but overall not a bad experience. I spent a lot of time in the school library, where there is a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books.
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Sandburg had incredibly competitive academics but I would have loved to see a larger emphasis on grades over social events and sports. Teachers can be bipolar and the administration is out of touch and a bit backwards, but Sandburg prepared me very well for college and beyond.
This is an amazing school district and I am extremely grateful for the experience I had at Victor J. Andrew High School. I learned many ways to prepare myself for college and further future. The people that work in this district are marvelously kind and try to help the students become successful.
I was a transfer student, I felt welcomed when I arrived by teachers, students, and other faculty. I always felt comfortable around other students. I had many resources and opportunities at my disposal.
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