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It hasn’t been an overwhelmingly positive or negative experience. Just nothing there seems above average. Unless the students are in the honor or AP classes they do not seem to care.
I moved here my sophomore year, and I'm honestly very grateful for that. I enjoy being at a bigger school, and I've made so many more friends. One thing I would like to see change is the lunch program. I think the food here is not the best.
It is a great school with a great learning environment and preparations for college. The teachers and staff are great and made the learning process fun and exciting.
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Great teachers and newly renovated. A lot of group and club participation opportunities. Great preparation for the college environment. A lot of options and help for getting the college process started.
Well where do i start i haven't attended this particular district in atleast 5 years while i was a student there i witnessed alot of rude students and plenty of bullying some cases in which i experienced myself the teachers never really seemed to care that much because they were to busy being miserable about being underfunded which i dont blame them.Also school lunch was horrendous.
Safety is awful. Allow students to entered building without bags going through mental detectors. Good at hiding security issues from students and parents.
Half the teachers care the other half aren’t helpful and lack engagement with the student body.
On the up side lots of clubs, activities, musical and a good mix of cultures. Campus is kept and looks great. If you are a good student there are opportunities to learn. College prep is average. Could be better if you can ever meet with guidance.
I earned a decent education here. Most of my teachers were very invested and enthusiastic about the topics and classes they were teaching. Most teachers had an interest in assisting and engaging their students. The strict deadlines imposed by some teachers helped prepare me for the rigidness of my first year of college.

If I could change one thing about this school it would be the administration. I had good experiences with the main principal and he seemed like a very caring and resourceful individual but some of the others were lacking. For example, I've had issues with a vice principal who called me in to talk about my academic performance, claiming I was failing, yet I was maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

The facilities were top notch.
Connellsville Area School district has some great teachers! I have learned a lot while attending! I think the biggest problem i have is how they dont include the career and technical center into anything they do. They always exclude the tech kids.
I have been attending school at Connellsville since the very start of my school career. Overall, the teachers do their best with the materials given, but this limits what you learn to an extent. The experience at Connellsville so far seems to be very unprofessional, but I do my best to keep a high gpa and succeed in my school career.
Connellsville area school district isn’t terrible but it needs a lot of improvement. Some of our teacher here at CAHS are amazing but then their are some who don’t teach at all. When a student like me are going into a major such as science and then the teacher can’t teach you anything that isn’t good. I would like the teacher who can’t get their lesson across like other teachers can should be taken to a class to help them be a better teacher. One thing I do really like is that connellsville is very inclusive. Well atleast in my grade it’s inclusive. Everyone is relatively friends and you can always say hi and be friendly. This made the transition going into high school a lot better. That is Connellsville Area Senior High School
In Connellsville Area School District I like that there are many different options for a student to get involved with the school some how. It does not necessarily have to be a sport, which most people immediately think of when someone says to get involved with the school, it could be a club or the musical or even just going to school events. Something I would like to see a change in here would be that if there are going to be rules then enforce them with everyone not just a select few of students, and give more options to the students of many different varieties of classes.
My experience is much like everyone else's,not too bad and not too great. The best way for it to improve is for everything to be enhanced slightly.
I believe the school prepares students for the next level of their life through college, graduation and business. I enjoyed life at my school and make great contacts with teachers and student throughout my school time. I enjoyed extra activities and sports that are offered through the school district. I have interned throughout the I-Media center and have done broadcasting for the school district.
CASD is a large public school with a wide variety of class electives. The teachers are friendly and always willing to help students succeed. It also has many sports you can choose from.
I liked the food, and that's all I have to say about it. Everything else was horrible and the teachers didn't teach anything.
What I like about CAHS is that everyone is an overachiever and tries to be the absolute best. What I hate is that there is no diversity and I want that to change.
The principals say no child left behind when it comes to bullying and things like that but in all honesty they make the victims who have been bullied pay for the bullied mistake because some way or the other it always get turned around on the victim. But other than that most of the teachers are nice and are really good at their job...
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The school does not care about you. They don't care whether you are being bullied or harassed. They don't believe in self defense. The teachers are creeps. The school is filthy. The food is awful. The academics are a joke.
My experience at CAHS was overall a good experience. I met some amazing friends and teachers. However, not everyone was so pleasant. There were many teachers and facility members that played favorites with students. This prevented many academic opportunities.
I enjoyed interacting with the teachers at Connellsville Area School District. They go above and beyond for their students and are always ready and willing to listen, guide, and encourage the students. However, Connellsville is a poor district and opportunities are limited. There aren't doesn't many clubs/activities offered, other than sports. I would like to see the district form a debate team, chess club, mock trial club, etc.
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