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Conneaut School District Reviews

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The teachers are great to work with but worst administration in the county. Still very unorganized after 5 years since consolidation. I felt extremely read for college though by the time I graduated.
I attended Conneaut School District for four years and enjoyed my time there. Conneaut School District has a family like environment, teacher are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed and prepare you for after high school. There are many class choices to help you guide your way to a college career. Overall Conneaut School District is a very safe and helpful school to prepare you for life after you graduate.
Conneaut School District is a well-connected and easy-going place of education that is an amalgam of both good and bad traits. In terms of social life and community, the schools are fairly harmonious and are absent of extreme stratification that is prevalent in other bigger schools. However, this could be due to its homogenous demographics and the small town/rural settings that most of the student body comes from. The academics are fair, but are hindered by a number of factors. While good teachers and some high-level classes are available, a certain portion of teachers are mediocre and the classes can fail in engendering scholarly habitats and advance education. There is also a preference towards sport programs instead of academics. The administration is also unorderly and somewhat unreliable. Overall, I found the schools acceptable for me and others.
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I am new to this school as a senior, there are many positive things about Conneaut Area Senior High.
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