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Teachers were great!!! Didn't like how some taught like they didn't actually want to be there. I loved the AVID program because it really gets them really for college and they actually help with the harder classes. Also love how they offer college programs and classes for the students at no cost when in Early college high school!!!! That there is a blessing.
I like the teachers and the atmosphere. Overall I am grateful for the high school experience I was given for it being high school. I mean of course some days were terrible but that is expected, it is high school.
I like how our school tries to be involved and part of every sport as much as they can. What could change is all the hands on projects. We could do more hands on stuff because some students learn better that way
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Teachers and staff really push college readiness so that we are prepared whenever we graduate. We have nice teachers and I really enjoy the campus.
I have enjoyed my time as a student in Connally ISD. There are a lot of new innovations that are constantly being added to the campuses in order to make the students' experience better and provide opportunities. The staff and administration continues to be family oriented.
The things i like about my school is the variety of sports and activities. The things i would like to see changed would be the way they show support towards other sports besides football. Another one would be the way they govern the school and crack down on the kids that turn the school into what it is.
My experience at Connally High school has been good. Great academic program with a good sports program. It is extremely safe to go to and Connally also have lots of tutorial sessions so it is really hard to fail.
I like how the teachers were very understanding. If you ever missed any days of school they were there to help catch you back up. Personally my favorite teacher was Mrs. Allison Figley. That woman help shape me into the person I am today. She was always there for me to lean on whenever I was down. I absolutely admire her
Connally is a great school if you want to the in the technology file. This school is a technology school so if you're kid need the one on one teaching this is not the school for them.
Connally Independent School District has an overall leadership which parents appreciate. They have always been very helpful with all parent and student needs.
I've gone to connally for 5 years now. A lot of the students are immature l, half of the teachers don't actually teach. The administration treats students very rudely
As a senior, I have spent my academic career at Connally. Ever since 1st grade, I have always been a true Connally Cadet. Connally is a great school academically and it is very diverse. My most favorite club at Connally is Choir. In choir we get to share our passion of singing and going out into the community to help voice our talent. I am blessed to have been giving the opprtunity to go to Connally. Because of Connally, I can now say I am college bound.
The faculty and staff do their best with limited resources. The teachers are mostly young, recent graduates trying to get their debt forgiven by working in a low-income school for 2 years. Very low retention for the teachers. The administration sometimes comes up with arbitrary rules to try and motivate the kids. It seldom works out how they plan. A lot of money is spent on althetics, but the program is not winning. Less money is spend on band, but their program has been bad for awhile as well. One great program is the AFJROTC program. It teaches kids about community service and gives them a career oppurtunity after graduation. Overall, Connally tries.
I like how Connally has a lot of great resources for each and every one of there students. They encourage everyone to take the initiative of their own education in order to become successful. Connally has phenomenal staff members that guide you throughout your educational journey, however a lot of the students are just unappreciative of the resources that they are provided with. The lack of motivation in the atmosphere take a toll of the kids that do want to succeed. Additionally, I would prefer if they changed the content on the lunch menus up. Every year the menu consists of the same things, however overall this school is a great place to embark on a phenomenal educational journey. You just have to stay focused, disciplined, and determined in order to complete your educational journey here at Connally Independent School District.
What I like most about Connally High school is that they offer college dual credit. This is because it allows students to get a jumpstart on college while being in high school and it is free.
Connally is a great school. I have been going here since pre-k and i have always loved it. The teachers are kind and caring and in highschool, everything was so fun.
My overall experience throughout the years at Connally has been a ride. The teachers vary from grade to grade, but they follow the criteria given to them by administrators. Recently, an early college was implemented into the school system here and it has really given students the opportunity to pursue some career pathways for their future.
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My overall experience at Connally was great. I started my Sophomore year at Connally and everyone immediately welcomed me with open arms. I left Connally with tons of friends, good memories and great education in which I believe has given me the drive to want to further my education at college.
Its a quiet district . Has an amazing faculty.There's a diversity of Hispanics . The food is great. We get off early . There's not a lot of resources available here . I seen that has a lot of field trips .
I have been to Connally since I was in kindergarten and growing up in this district and the community is quiet and nice. The community has activities for the school students and in turn the school hosts activities to the members of the community. Educational wise, the school staff do what they are able to do to help you reach your next level.
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