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The rules changed every year I was there, plus there weren’t enough teachers there for the amount of classes which screwed me over my senior year because we weren’t allowed to retake classes and the only science class I could take was the last hour of the day which made it really hard to set up my schedule.
Although the three day weekends are great. Conestoga did not help prepare me for college at all. The counselor was not helpful in scholarship search or answering basic questions. I also feel that the academics were way too easy and the material needed to be more challenging. Small schools are very connected, yet Conestoga has some authority problems. The school has hired young teachers that try to be friends with the students and then get angry when they cannot control their classroom.
The teachers and educators of Conestoga Public Schools are outstanding. They want to further every students education and make them the best that can be be. We have small class sizes so every teacher gets a well-rounded relationship with their students. This leads to a better trust and understanding with teachers and their students. I would love to see our school allow backpacks in the classrooms and I would also love lockers that are actually our school colors.
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Our sports program is very good. The administration is really good and is always concerned about our safety.
The school is very much like a big family. Everybody knows what you did that weekend and how your siblings are. The only thing I would change is the use of their money. I often feel they waste it on vanity instead of using it for our education.
Conestoga is an awesome school with great teachers who make classes interesting! The sports programs are well developed, as well as other extracurriculars, like speech team. I would definitely recommend this school.
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