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The only problem I have with the Concord School District is that they never give students a snow day. I was a student and I loved going to school but I hated when I would receive an absence because I was unable to attend school because the weather was so bad and there was no snow day.
I have mixed feelings about Concord School District as a whole. As I am writing this, I am a senior at CHS. On a positive note, the school is full of a great amount of teachers and people that I've gotten to know over my four years. With that being said, the opposite applies as well. There are teachers here that are so either strict or out of touch that it can ruin a class. Also, recently with regards to college, I've discovered the school doesn't really help. My Guidance Counselor sent in my transcript and recommendation and that was that. One thing I wish the school improved on was the financial aspect of school, because CHS definitely does not right now. Some other aspects of the school I was not a fan of was the lack of school spirit, terribly overpriced and awful tasting food, and a real lack of safety. Being involved with athletics since middle school here, I think the sports are really well taken care of.
Throughout my four years at Concord High School, I have found there to be an abundance of opportunities to challenge yourself academically and to get involved. I have always been someone who highly values service so being a student in the Concord School District has allowed me to continue helping the community. Additionally, there is an extremely diverse population of students which gives me exposure to many different cultures and lifestyles.
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What I liked about Concord High School was the variety of clubs offered. I also loved how they included CRTC (Concord Regional Technical Center) into there curriculum. Students can get an in depth look into a future possible career (Health Science, Graphic Design...). Areas that need improvement is the college readiness in school. I feel as if we are never given college style tests and work. Also there needs to be be more hands on experiences and field trips.
The counselors are tarrible and don't help much and lots of the students fall throw the crakes. High depression rate in the school. Lots of bullying.
Concord has a very relaxed style of schooling. Especially with the highschool students are often allowed to move throughout the school and leave the building freely. Which, as a student, i liked. They make it accessible to get help and retakes are always available to make up bad grades. They don’t help you a lot with bullying or personal issues but they AP classes and college specific classes are excellent.
Concord School District is a decent school district. I would rate it as average. I wish teachers would be more upfront to parents, get them involved, don't wait until until students are doing poorly. I understand some parents can't be involved, for medical, family or work issues. But contacting them is the first step. Providing extra support, maybe if I got extra support it wouldn't be so hard for me to ask for help in college. Kids are scared to ask, tell them they need help and help them. When I received the help and put time and effort in the teachers were understanding and willing to work with what I needed.
The opportunities presented by Concord Schools were endless and enriching. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this preparation. Sometimes, there seems to be a lack of understanding for the students though.
Concord High School was a place where I was able to figure out what I wanted to do for my future. With the long list of available classes, I had my schedule filled with required classes, classes that interested me, and also free time to catch up on school work. Teachers were always there if any student needed help, a lending hand, or just wanted to talk. I graduated a year ago and still go back to visit, I'm welcomed with warm smiles and questions about how my life after high school is going.
Concord high school does an amazing job having interests for every student. They don't do the stereotypical sports above all theater is a huge thing the art programs are amazing. And the school counselors are there to actually help you. CHS wants to see you succeed.
Concord School District is like a home to me! It’s very hard not to feel welcome when you attend one of these schools. I’ve accomplished so many things with the help of the faculty and the other hard working students! I’m very sad to be leaving for college but I hope I find my way back!
The school was too big and there wasn't enough guidance. There were a lot of opportunities for a variety of interests.
My favorite part of attending Concord High School is being a part of the CRTC graphic design program. This program has provided a unique and interesting classroom experience and has helped to prepare me for work outside of school. There are many students attending, it can be overwhelming if you are not used to being around many people.
Concord high school is not the best at trying to deal with bullying. Myself when i was bullied nothing was done to make sure it was not going to happen again. Other then that the school itself is open to bringing in a ton of people of different races.
K-6th grade I went to concord schools. everyone of them were great. I never had to much trouble with bulling, had plenty of friends. I just wish that the grading system was a little better. I felt there was no standard and that the teachers could just choose what your grade was more so on how you act then your actual work.
What I like is the teachers I had when I was going threw a lot of medical issues. What I would like to see change is the no tolerance of bulling. People still bully others and nothing happens unless a teacher or staff sees
My daughter goes to CMS and we have had an amazing experience! The staff and is great any thine there as been concerns they were delt with compassionately and with understanding. The district office is also extremely courteous and helpful when i have questions.
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I love almost everything about Concord High. These 4 years have gone by so fast because the staff and kids attending this high school are the happiest and smartest people ever. CHS made me feel at home. Its my 2nd home.
The overall education was average, not challenging. Many teachers and coaches were not very good at their jobs. Plus for large, diverse student body.
The teachers weren't bad. It was really hard to figure out college because the guidance councilors were not any help. Bullying was ramped in this district and discipline was low.
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