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This was a great school for me! I was presented with a lot of opportunities to learn and make friends. I had wonderful teachers who were able to show me these opportunities and help foster a passion in me.
To judge a school so many aspects are to be under consideration: teachers, classes, academics, and the overall emotion linked to the experience. Concord offers many classes and experiences. There are numerous electives and opportunities such as the career center, ICE, and internships. Expanding peoples knowledge of what they want to outside of high school is something Concord does that is linked to the community in ways such as internships. Another thing Concord does is serve for the community. There is also many clubs and activities offered, I believe Concord tries a lot to have everyone active and involved in something. To touch on the negatives I think academically there are some downfalls. Concord has very low test scores, which may come from teacher disinterest. It is hard to find many teachers that seem happy to be teaching and that it is more than a job for them. Learning seems like an option, showing up seems mandatory.
My overall experience at Concord has been an amazing 2 years and counting! Everyone is so involved and kind to each other. I like that each individual teacher will give it there all to make sure that you are understanding the criteria so that you don't fall behind. They genuinely care. And for changes, we are actually having an addition done to our school as we speak. They are adding more rooms with larger hallways. Overall, it's a wonderful school and it was definitely an upgrade from previous schools.
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My husband and I have always been very involved with our children's education. Our children and teachers and school officials know we are there. this is a very important part of being a parent. Every school system has its flaws. Everyone has their own experiences. We have had some good and bad experiences but have been able to resolve issues as they arise.
I enjoy the people of Concord, teachers that care about your success and friends who aren't afraid to help you out. I enjoy the opportunities available: Concord is big, but if you work at it it isn't too big for you to go somewhere. And I enjoy the varietal class options. There are classes for those who simply want to graduate and classes for those who desire to prepare for college with AP and Dual Credit classes.
Concord Community schools are a great place to learn. The school provided all the learning materials we could ask for. The school is willing to hear the students voices and concerns. If I could change anything about my school, I would want a class that teaches us more about how to survive in the real world. This class would teach us how to save money, pay bills, balance a check book, and how to fill out college applications. There is so much we learn in high school but there is also so much that we don't get to learn before were off on our own.
Excellence in both academic and athletics. I wish there were more opportunities involved. The food in the lunch room wasn't that great. However, the teachers really invest in you and care about your life. A lot of teachers went to great lengths to ensure the successes of their more difficult students.
I thoroughly enjoyed my entire time at Concord. I never had issues with bullying, the teachers were always attentive, caring, and creative, there was a diversity of food options at lunch expect in elementary and jr high, you tried out for sports and you made the team accordingly (I will say that politics to play a big role in sports at every school though). I loved my time at Concord.
The school is overall a nice place. The people are great. Many of the teachers are also great. You can learn a lot at Concord. I feel it is one of the safest schools around
I liked that the teachers were very nice. Something that I would change would be the food in the cafeteria, it’s gotten better over the years, but it still tastes fake.
It is a good school to get an education and the school definitely has a good plan of safety for its students. Teachers are involved with their students and offer help to any student that needs it. Opportunities are offered through the school.
I’d like to see more respect out of the younger kids to the older kids. Also have the teachers make everyday interesting and learn something new, but also keeping us on track.
Concord is a great school, with many great resources. Concord also has great teachers, and all together staff. Concord helped me get ready for college.
Liked that I made close friends and was able to make good memories. The cafeteria food needs improvement, in my opinion. They focus way too much into sports, and they should ad equally show recognition to those in the fine arts.
The teachers at Concord are amazing; they are always willing to help and spend one-on-one time with their students. I also enjoyed the wide selection of classes I was able to choose from. I only wish there was more school spirit within both our staff and students. I feel like more spirit would make everyone's high school experience more memorable.
I like that they have an excellent band and dance program. I would like to see more teacher involvement and readiness program for college.
Concord did a great job accomodating my needs and doing everything they could to help me be successful.
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During my time at Concord I have grown to really like their performing arts program. I am apart of band and it is a huge program that many people participate in. I also appreciate how invested our new principle is in the students at Concord High School. I wish students would accept one another no matter what sport or activity they do. Everyone has the right to what they like or don't like, however; I would like to see the way students act towards each other change and have harder punishments for those who don't understand the concept that everyone has different interests.
Great School but not very well in preparing you for college. Sports programs are great and you can find many activities to be apart of.
Concord High school has continued to amaze me every year attended. Last year we adopted our own police force, and we continue to make changes as far as tardy policies, Id's, ect. One thing that I would love to change is the amount of power granted to teachers. I think they should have more of a say as to what happens in the environment they are teaching in.
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