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They offer a lot of opportunities for underprivileged students like myself. I would like to see an improvement in student motivation.
The Compton unified school district was an amazing district when I was in elementary school. Going towards middle school it started to get worse, the teachers were not putting effort into teaching students, the school lunch was horrible , and parents weren’t as involved. When I hit high school everything got worse. There were about three good teachers in my high school the rest were lazy and we’re just there to get paid. I hope that you can fix Compton unified school district
The bathroom is always dirty and smelly, and I hate the fact that they don’t have vegan options for lunch. Overall my education is swell but I just wish for those two to change.
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I attended this district of schools my entire life. Though I wouldn't say I would have preferred to go elsewhere, that isn't to say it is flawless. It definitely has its problems. I attended an Early College, a new type of school in Compton, and as a result, I experienced a level of education above the rest of the Compton high schools. My experience was very good but this is not indicative of the district as a whole.
I really like how they care about their students and always try to do best for them, however, I dislike how they hire many teachers who don't meet the basic requirements and this basically robs us from our education.
The Compton Unified School District is not as bad as everyone thinks it is. I have been going to school in Compton for 6 years now and i enjoyed every bit of it. It is kinda like going to school in any other city. We have just about the same rules just little differences like the time we get out and the uniforms we have to wear. The only thing I would like to see different would have to be wearing uniforms in some high schools. High school is supposed to be were you are getting close to becoming an adult and should be able to show off your style. One more thing I would want to see different is the way our schools should be remodeled and repainted when needed.
The district provides necessary resources and information to obtain a successful future. I've been in the district since 6th grade, and I'm very satisfied with their system.
The district can do better. They say that they are there for the students but it does not feel like it. They spend money on unessary things
I like the AVID program, truly helps students succeed. I have been in avid since seventh grade. I have become a responsible, mature, and educated individual. The avid teachers help students go to college by preparing them and having each individual get put into Advanced Placement classes in order to know what’s needed for college.
Compton unidfied school district is overall average. Not much stands out. My experience was pleasant and smooth for the most part. The administration is fairly active but could improve in supplying schools.
The school in Compton is not very good with the food options for lunch, breakfast ,a nd wrap. Some of the staff let the children curse at each other or do nothing when the children miss behave. ALmost evry child at that school learns to curse and fight with other children from just listening and watching the older middle school children on the campus. That school needs more resources to bring back the school buses, school supplies ,and field trips . Not evryevrychild gets to go n the field trips.
All my life I’ve been enrolled in the Compton Unfied School District. Unlike many, this district rose up from rags to riches. I am now a senior at Centennial High School and I believe that the CUSD has impacted my life in many helpful ways. Even though other districts are more privileged than this district, I am proud to say that I am a student of the Compton Unified School District.
The term Compton has been broken down and seen in many ways, most of the bad things say to come to Compton, but these ideas are now turning around While growing up in Compton attending all Compton schools from 3rd grade until high school, it was really like any other high school. The only thing wrong with Compton schools is the fact they don't get enough resources to get kids excited about school. What good is a robotics class without any machinery? Kids don't get a chance at exploring the different options life has to offer, thus leading them to conclude that school is boring because everything is taught one way and one way only. We need more resources, more enthusiastic teachers, then maybe students would be more interested in coming to school and class.
My experience was overall good, some teachers weren’t good and some of them really care the students. Safety was great in the school, never felt in danger. Overall good experience
Being a part of the Compton Unified School district is awesome. Yes, students lack of resources and knowledge but when they succeed they demonstrate to the world that it's possible to succeed in life although they come from a not so well developed region. Plus non-residents tend to argue that our School district is awful and that all the students are gang members and idiots but the truth is that they can be just as intelligent or even surpass rich individuals who have everyday tutors. From my personal experience the Compton unified school district tries to provide students with the enough resource that they need to be prepared for life after High School and attend College but they lack money. However the District has demonstrated that with the lack of money and resources it's students can succeed as well and pursue their dreams. Someday I will become a neonatologist because this District's staff's have supported and influenced me to pursue my aspirations and dreams.
The district has very strict rules. They manage there schools very well and orderly. Many children become succesful withing this district.
What I like the most about the Compton Unified School District is their dedication to improving the quality of the schools in the district.
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I enjoyed how some of my teachers are engaged with our studies but I will definitely like to see a change in organization when it comes to my highschool. It seems that nothing can be done right and the principal seems to be biased towards certain things therefore, corruption.
My overall experience in Compton Unified School District was an average experience. It could have been better in terms of the food that's being served at the various they manage. But overall it was a very good experience where i meet new people and almost everyone got along.
I love to see the teachers actually change the school system and go above and beyond to help students
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