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Community Unit School District No. 200 Reviews

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I have lived in Wheaton my whole life and we are part of Community Unit School District 200. The school system is a great one. Elementary school was good, but I especially noticed the middle school being a great one (as I got older, I learned to recognize and appreciate it more). By the time I reached High School, it developed a love for school. My high school experience was a great one. The teachers are INCREDIBLE! They made learning fun and easy. The teachers really care and love doing what they do.
District 200 is welcoming and the teachers have always been so nice. The district is in a lovely and Christian based commmnity. The staff are careful not to expouse their own world views, but to educate students on differing views. I would like to see more cultural diversity within the teachers and staff. The makeup of the student population is quite diverse, which allows exposure to many different cultures and behavioral norms. There are many different extracurricular activities that are unique to expand on our varying gifts, talents, and interest.
The students, parents and teachers produce amazing results considering the residents spend less than the state average per student. While this fact may be a point of pride in this fiscally conservative community, the recent failed referendum has resulted in buildings sliding into further disrepair and the inability to provide resources like technology and activity buses that are commonplace in neighboring districts. Teacher and staff pay has been suppressed over the years which makes it difficult to attract and keep top talent.
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It's one of the best school systems I could hope to go through, I've always had really great, inspiring teachers. I am always challenged by the coursework in a good way and I feel this school system has really prepared me for College level courses and I've had the opportunity to participate in so many extracurricular.
I had the amazing opportunity to complete kindergarten through senior year of high school through CUSD 200. I always had the best teachers in every subject who strived to have their students succeed and would slow down for students to catch up. The environment was always academic friendly and clean. The administration committee made sure each student was happy with their education and we always had exceeding school spirit. This district is no doubt one of the best in the nation.
District 200 is a great place for education and opportunity with great resources to help people struggling in classes, and magority of the teachers wanting to take the time to help you. Overall CUSD 200 is a great place for readying your kid for college life, but the food has to make me put the district at a four stars because every time I get a lunch at the school there is pizza, and about once a month I will see a salad. This just doesn’t add up and is very disappointing, but I believe CUSD 200 wants the best for the students in the district, and they will hopefully take the time to make my review into five stars next year!
Community Unit School District No. 200 is a school district where the teachers will go above and beyond to make sure that you are successful once you leave.
The school system did a very good job of transitioning students from grade to grade and transitioning from one school to the next school up. Every teacher I had was great!
District 200 had its ups and downs. Overall, after experience K-12th grade there, I would want my own future children to go through their system as well.
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