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Community High School District No. 99 Reviews

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This school is fantastic and the teachers and students create such a fun and inspirational environment that makes me eager to come to school to learn each day
The teachers are all very given to help each and every one of their students. The goal for the school is to have everyone succeed at the current moment and for the future. Downers Grove schools want the student feel as though they are part of a community and that they are ONE. There are many support services and ways to get help whether it be about school or life itself.
The racism and sadness I have witnessed at my high school was disheartening. My friends were harassed everyday ad accused of stealing just because of the color of their skin. The school isn't entirely horrible however because the teachers were nice and the principal was nice as well. The deans however were unfair and rude to most students of color.
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Downers Grove South High school is a broken down school that chooses to spend its tax money on televisions, rather than air conditioning on the third floor for its students. They do a very poor job of preparing students for college by only letting them in on a few classes on how to file for financial aid during their senior year. The only reason I am not putting this school as one star is because the teachers are wonderful people.
I love the opportunities I have available to me at DGS. There is an activity for everyone to become apart of and get involved. Since the school is so large, people can always find a group to fit into as well. There is a huge diversity in classes as well to challenge or interest each individual. The teachers are also very personable and caring. I always have felt safe and challenged and supported at school.
I truly enjoyed my 4 years at Downers Grove South and recommend it highly. I do wish some teachers were to care for their students more but can't really do much there. Most teachers showed genuine love and enjoyment in teaching their students. They have a very safe safety procedure and are ready for the various amounts of dangers that plague our modern community. Very well maintained school. Fights are kept to a minimum and drugs aren't a big issue.
There was always someone to help with me academic or personal struggles. I always felt at home, this school has a great atmosphere and i never felt out of place . The teachers and students never fail to bring smiles to my face
It’s a good school. There is a lot of clubs/sports you can do. The food is ok not great. I enjoy the teachers that work there my fav is my choir teacher ms winchell
Enjoyed my time here. Teachers are all very good, lots of things to get involved in. Felt challenged in my classes.
High school was really good for me and there are many areas that a student can get involved at District 99 south high school
North High School is dedicated to helping their students succeed. Their teachers truly care about the students and want them to learn.
I love the connection between teacher and student, and I also love the opportunities we as students are provided with, from academics to sports.
The school is a great school to be at. They have a lot of safety measures to make sure that every student is safe. The food there is ok. I like all of the teachers they are very carning
What I really liked about my High School is all of the academic opportunities that were offered to such as all the AP and honors classes I could take. What I didn't like, however, was that the extra-curricular activities offered by the school all revolved around either sports or music, and so if you're not into either of those things then there's not much for you to do.
This school district is very good. I feel safe when I go to school everyday. I don't see a lot of bullying and if I do see it, it always gets reported. The rivalry between all of the schools around this community is a typical rivalry which makes it fun during sporting events and activity events. If I would change anything I would change the competitiveness between students, like trying to make everything an equal playing field. Everyone should be offered the same classes and chances to succeed.
Downers Grove North High School is an all-around decent school regarding academics, activities, and faculty. In order to have a valuable experience here, you must be willing to put in the effort to participate in the school community. That being said, it is not difficult to join the numerous amount of clubs, fine art programs, and athletics that are offered. There are also many elective subjects to choose from, especially as an upper-classman, as well as plenty of AP courses if you're up for the challenge. Academics is arguably the highlight of what North has to offer. Teachers and faculty members try their best to engage and assist students. The school itself is well kept and closely monitored by security. The student body generally consists of respectable kids, yet, it can still be cliquish at times. Overall, North offers everything that you would want out of a public high school located in a middle to upper-class suburb.
Was an excellent school with amazing teachers in their respective fields. I did have some negative experiences with a few teachers/people, but thats to be expected in any diverse location. The school itself was safe and very supportive, Had plenty of resources to help people, and made it very clear that they were there for you.
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Takes pride in how students are treated as a whole, with few outliers on staff. Felt safe and that I had a place to belong at all times.
One thing that I liked about District 99 is the teachers are very supportive towards the students. Another thing that I liked about the school is the counselors. I've met all of them and they were all very good towards the students. They're doing a good job with helping the students throughout high school. One thing I would like to change is that I wish they offered more AP classes so that the students can have more options. I also wish that their AP Psychology course is one year instead of one semester. When I took AP psychology in the school it felt very rushed and I felt like I didn't learn as much. When I took the AP exam I found it to be very difficult.
The teachers were very knowledgeable and supportive. Many of the teachers had good relationships with students.
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