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Community High School District No. 218 Reviews

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The Community High school District of No. 218 (Eisenhower High School) has been an amazing experience! It is filled with so many amazing teachers that truly care about their students and strive to make them succeed.
The school I go to is amazing, the teachers are great and very friendly. They are trustworthy and someone you can talk to if you are having problems no matter what. Everyone there is very respectful of others.
I liked district 218. The atmosphere was nice. I feel like I was really prepared for college. I took many AP classes that really were beneficial. The teachers were really nice and helped with my learning expericience. The sports teams are pretty good and there are a lot actitvites to get involved in if you choose to.
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Dwight D. Eisenhower is a great academic wise. Overall the teacher are great a few could do a better job of teaching and understanding that people come from different background and that they have to respect that. I would say the two main thing that Eisenhower High School lacks is getting the “High School” feeling and the school is not very diverse.
Everybody for the most part is nice and it is very diverse. However there aren't a lot of options when it comes to classes. I only felt challenged in a few and the rest were blow offs, so I was bored a lot. There are a lot of really cool clubs though which partly makes up for it.
Harold l. Richards was an excellent school that offered diversity and a strong education. The teachers were very involved and cared about their students and the school offered many opportunities to help students learn outside the class
I graduated in 2018. I loved Alan B. Shepard. I was involved in the show choir and musicals. Mr. Fallon was an outstanding teacher. I learned a lot from him. He gave me opportunities I never thought I would have I. High school. All the teachers at Shepard were outstanding. I was offered a lot and took advantage of it all. Shepard is a amazing school with amazing staff.
I attended Eisenhower for 4 Years and honestly it was an amazing journey. Not only have I prepared myself for the next chapter in my life by the help from other such as my teachers and counselors have been a big help. My teachers have taught me responsibility and integrity. I have learned what it takes to be successful in the world. I will continue to hard at these traits to make them even better. People have helped me since the day I walked in the door. People at Eisenhower have showed great respect and showed how much they cared. I am extremely thankful for the moments I shared at Dwight D. Eisenhower.
I loved the fact that my school was so diverse. I enjoyed the help and resources from many teachers as well. I would like to see an improvement in lunches.
I’ve loved my experience at Richards. I feel as though my skills were always taken into consideration and without question my abilities were always fostered by a capable staff. Hands on science classes have prepared me and helped me in deciding to pursue a career in medicine. The arts have brought me to where I am as an individual and within the arts, and extra curriculars alike, I have found a second family.
Great school, district 218 have a great staff and a wonderful student body I really enjoy the students and the teachers that teach here I learn something new everyday I wake up refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to embark are a great learning experience for the day and to look forward to another day of learning each and every day
Great at getting us ready for college, from ACT-SAT readiness to AP classes and helping with college selection events.
DIstrict 218 provides many resources to hep you succed from before schhol, lduring school and after school help.
Overall the school is very diverse in race. The teachers don’t fully appreciate their jobs and some don’t teach. There is a few times where teachers would just post movies on the board to kill time in the classroom rather than teach their subject.
I attend Shepard Highschool in Palos Heights. The school is very well rounded and friendly. MOST of the administration and/or staff is very friendly, others not so much. Teachers are great when students engage. Some teachers hesitate to help if students doesn't show they need it or do to ask. The school is somewhat safe. Classes are available that prepare students for college if they apply for them. Overall good school, but could always use improvements.
It is a good environment, but is also depends very much on who you choose to spend your time with, as I'm sure it is with any other school. Recently, they have been making many positive changes, especially for the Fine Arts Department and the administration is trying to make out school better and brighter.
How the staff help community in the district and all students go to colleges.Better clubs and activities, diversity that is most need at district 218.
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Excellent school. Challenges students academically and athletically. Very nice staff and teachers. Teachers and staff always support students to help the achieve their goals and gives life a sense of direction.
CHSD 218 was full of opportunities for every student. For the most part, every teacher believed in every student and worked tirelessly to help them maximize their full potential. As an AP/Honors student, I cannot speak for those who attended the regular classes, but the courses I took were helpful, challenging, and changed my academic habits for the better. The extracurricular activitites are well organized and so much fun to be a part of. If I could change one thing about chsd 218, it would be that I would like the administrators to take student opinions more seriously.
Alan B. Shepard is very unique. The students that attend the school are all filled with spirit and like having a good time. The administration for the school are always looking for innovative ways to improve the school. The teacher dedicate their time to making sure all students have an understanding of the subject that will allow the student to move forward in their education. Shepard is small but is very personal, teachers and administration always take student feedback to help improve any changes that have been set into place. This school is diverse and is making sure that every group has an opportunity to move forward with their education.
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