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Community High School District No. 155 Reviews

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It has been a very good school to come to everyday. They offer so many different classes and there is something here for every student because of the different classes and various after school clubs, sports, and activities.
big school, home town spirit. teachers help and want to teach, all types of students, they're here for us. lots of sports, don't have to be the best to learn
The academics and teachers are excellent, however, there's much to be desired on the community side of things. As only one of the schools has strong communal bonds.
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All the teaches have been amazing these past few years of high school and whenever I have a problem or a student has one the teachers and staff help.
The school has made some positive changes over the past couple of years to include the students' voices in the decisions that affect them. Diversity is still an issue. Some of the schools lack representation from diverse backgrounds, ethnicity and races.
A lot of people were involved in our school and some of our administration was always there for students if they needed help. They need to be better at making sure kids feel safe and that they have people to talk to and watch for kids mental health throughout the tough four years of high school.
Overall, I've had a great experience in District 155 but I think that the schools need major updating in the buildings and communities. I've seen major changes in the culture and advances in the community when it comes to acceptance!
D155 is a great learning community that strives to give its students higher learning opportunities that are not usually offered, such as utilizing mass amounts of technology and offering many AP classes. The communities formed in the schools are welcoming and friendly.
Not terrible but not always the most supportive or open minded. Very sport related. Not hard to get good grades.
D155 was an excellent place to attend. I enjoyed my time with the excellent staff members who made my time in D155 amazing.
My school does a really good job getting everyone to be involved and making everyone feel safe. We don't have much "jocks" in our school, everyone is equal.
D155 teachers are highly educated, engaged and eager to support students. Classes are designed for all levels of learners. But it's evident in the last two years, that school personnel want students to succeed. They have an energetic staff of counselors and a great Career & College Readiness program. My high school experience was very positive. I was in a safe and trusted environment where I was free to express myself. I could choose to learn and be challenged in subjects that I was interested in, with wonderful teachers and staff.
Teachers truly seemed invested in our personal interests and helped apply what we learned in the classroom to the outside world. I would have liked to see more classroom diversity as well as more chances to debate these types of issues, or issues like gun control, abortion and current US leadership.
The high schools within District 155 are astonishing! You feel safe and District 155 projects an atmosphere that truly feels like home. They are full of incredible, individual students who strive for success. The teachers are amazing and will put forth their best effort to create a comfortable environment on school grounds while helping their students down the road of success. This District focuses on the student rather than just common core and helps prepare us for our next step in life: College.
I think D155 is very unique. Central High School is an amazing school made up of teachers that are eager to help, and students that are eager to learn. There is a sense of pride that fills the halls and it is that pride that distinguishes Central from other high schools around it.
The teachers at South we’re really good. Some of the administration I didn’t like though. They weren’t helpful at all when I was in the office they expected me to know how to do everything but the only reason I was there was to get help for stuff or to get something.
I liked that there were a lot of activities to get involved in and the teachers were very kind and helpful. They were always there if you needed help and made the environment welcoming
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Tons of classes to choose from. Wide selection of AP classes as well. The building is clean and well maintained. Theater program is out of this world. So many teachers want to see the students succeed.
I enjoyed my 4 years here in the district. I met so many people and got really close with my teachers. I can count on my teachers all the time, i'm so thankful for them for always helping me out. I was also involved in clubs and sports, for example, I played in the girls volleyball team and girls soccer team for my first two years. I am also currently a part of the Latino leadership club where we get ourselves involved and go out in the community to help out others and take on many task to help out our town. I can say being a part of this school not only helped me out academically, but also made me enjoy and love my high school experience.
Great school district. Prairie Ridge High School has great teachers and faculty members. Very conservative population. Very little diversity. Most of the school revolves around football, but has been getting better about acknowledging other activities and sports.
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