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Commodore Perry School District Reviews

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Small town school. Always got the help needed and made friends that will last forever. In some ways I wish there could have been more hands on things for the students to do to help them learn more should outside of the school atmosphere
Commodore Perry is a very small, close-knit school.
During my time there, they did not offer any opportunities to get college credits through AP courses, or otherwise, which I think set many students back as they entered college and started behind most of their peers. However, since I graduated in 2015, I have heard that they started to incorporate more opportunities to earn those credits.
Overall, a great school!!!
The small class sizes make it much easier for students to get a more thourough education. The cirriculum there is also rigorous so it prepares you well.for post secondary education.
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Not the best school, but I have enjoyed my time and they prepared me for the real world. Our size is an advantage and disadvantage.
I love the small school atmosphere. I wouldn't change anything. I love the fact that we have the same opportunities as a large school within a small school and we can take independent classes while taking classes that are required. The opportunities of going to a program outside of the school is great as well.
I love the size of my school- everyone knows everyone and I get a specialized education, because my teachers know how I learn.
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