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The teachers are all so helpful and push us to learn more each day. The environment is extremely friendly so, no one is ever left out. Commerce High is a great school that I’ve come to love.
Friendly staff, the officers are always helpful if you talk to them. The athletic department is in good hands with Coach Davidson, Coach Reynolds, Coach Badon, Coach Farrel, Coach Mills, Coach O'Neill, Coach McSheffery, Coach Wilson, Coach Miller, and all the others.
I graduated from Commerce High School in 2016, and I loved my high school experience. I wish it would’ve set me up a little more for college, but they did the best they could.
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For the area it's pretty good, but it still lacks a lot of what schools out of the small town area offer. Not too many sports, underfunded arts, and lack of structure when it comes to mass events. The school would loose it if some of the teachers left and that's the biggest part. The best thing about the school district as a whole are the teachers that work there as well as the custodians and lunch staff. They all work hard and often to give the students the best they have to offer and that's what I love about the district. It maybe be a bad experience all around, but the staff does every they can to make school tolerable and at some points the best part of the weekdays.
They have good opportunities. But administration is poor and unjust. Sport teams have variety, but not every sport is offered.
I love Commerce HS. I've attended every year since 6th grade and I've enjoyed the majority of my time so far. There are numerous opportunities to take advantage of including sport programs, band, clubs, and a variety of classes. The district has made alot of changes of the years. They've removed the school uniform policy, which the students, as well as the parents, are grateful for.
One thing I would like to see improve, would be the funding for the school band program. There have been plans made in the past involving the improvement of the band's equipment, but they have not been carried out.
However, my overall experience at Commerce ISD has been pretty satisfying.
I was a student teacher in Commerce ISD through Texas A&M University-Commerce. I was pleasantly surprised by the caring and involved administrators- from school secretaries to the superintendent. The school district places an emphasis on changing problems that arrive. The only downside is that it often has poor funding due to the small local community.
My high school could change a lot. the teachers were good except the coaches. it was mainly the students they got away with a lot of things and I think that it could use a few more disciplinary teachers to help deal with things like misbehavior.
My children graduated from Commerce High School, all in the top 5% of their classes. However, they all required tutoring in college. Students are not prepared for college at all. The majority don't even know what Fasfa is or how to apply to colleges even though there's a college in the town. They offer dual credit classes, but they're a joke. Teachers spend more time on disciplinary problems than teaching at all grade levels. The whole town seems to be related. It's all about who you know. If you're the Superintendent's, school board member's, principal's, teacher's, etc. child, you'll get chosen for everything. These kids get away with anything & everything. Avoid this district if at all possible.
I always found that the school schools in Commerce were of great educational value. I know I wouldn't be who I am today without the experiences I had in that school
I like that they offer free dual credit classes, however, I wasn't a fan of how they budgeted and unfairly distributed money through programs.
I have lived in Commerce my whole life. When I got into highschool I had teachers who left an impact on me and actually cared about my personal and educational life. They cared about how I was doing what they could do it make my educational or personal life easier. If it wasent for the impact they made I would not be caring,kind, respectful young lady I am today. I owe Commerce Independent School District everything they employ teachers who truly care and go above and beyond the call of duty.
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