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Comal ISD has pros and cons just like any school district. It's pros are that they really prepare you for college and you learn so much along the way. It's cons are that they often don't hire quality people to fulfill the teaching role and obsessively test you all the time.
Overall, I love how many classes are available and the opportunities. the only thing I would change it the fact that it is a closed campus. Seniors are forced to go for 6 periods, even if they have all their credits.
This district is one of the best districts in the area that I am in but there are some downs to it. The schools sometimes are very dirty and some done even have locks on the bathroom stalls. they don't allow plastic knives during lunch which makes it very hard to cut some of the food that they serve. This district is all about football and everything revolves around football. All of the districts funding goes to it which causes the school to not have enough text books to give to the students.
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Great teachers and people who really care about your education. The superintendent, especially, is very involved and listens to parent and student recommendations.
Teachers had always been a great help in my 4 years, they encourage students that trying one's hardest is success although if they pay more attention to those who need more help and also those students need to put more effort. There are kids out there who can afford an education and have dreams meanwhile the ones who have opportunities sometimes decide to drop out and leave school. Maybe alittle bit of strictness is what some schools need, my last year in high school I saw that happening alittle bit in my school and honestly at first i didn't like it but I saw that it does good.
I liked Smithson Valley High School in Comal because the teachers made coming to school enjoyable. However, I would like to see more involvement of the principle and
A.P.s with the students. When I was there it seemed that the Principle was above the students and I did not like that at all.
I like my school for the most part. Wish they served healthier meals for lunch. Love the theater department!!
The schools are generally all right, but comal isd has one of the highest suicide rates due to the pressure of academics on students. Many fine art programs aren’t funded either.
Comal ISD has great academic opportunities and is very safe. Comal ISD could improve on there administration and the culture of the school.
The district is growing very fast and many new school are being added. The current campuses are struggling to keep up.
The schools have a lot of pride. The teachers help make sure that all of their student succeed in their classes and that everyone participates by having thoughtful and engaging discussions about that days topic. Students participate in a myriad of clubs and sports that help make the high school experience more enjoyable.
I think that the Comal Independent School District is an excellent school district, that provides students with new opportunities and helps them get ready for what to expect in the real world. I liked my experience in this school district, because I feel prepared for what to expect not only financial wise, but school and common sense wise.
I have gone to school at canyon high school for four years and I love it. The staff truest caresto see all their kids succeed and the extracurricular activities are outstanding.
CISD is a pretty good school district. They have supported my sister with her mental illnesses and have set up many things to help her succeed. The academics are also much better NBISD.
My experience at a Comal ISD high school has been a wonderful time to grow as a person and as a student. I have been given the opportunity to learn how to study and prepare for my future in college and my career. The environment has continuously accepted people's diversity and encouraged self-expression in almost all aspects. The teachers are dedicated to their job and care about my success. I am ready to be successful and I owe that to my school and its faculty.
I've went to Canyon Lake high school for half of my junior year and all of my senior year, let's just day I wasn't impressed. I came from North East Independent School District, the high school I went was was Ronald Reagan high school. My expectations were high and I was not satisfied with the lack of communication offered at the school. Since Comal isd is so small (which I'm not a fan of) they can definitely use some help.
I switched to Smithson Valley High School my junior year and found the students to be very cliquey and most teachers to not be very involved. I did enjoy my college counseling experiences until, my counselor got switched. All together, it was an average high school experience
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Comal ISD truly cares about their students! I only went to this district for 2 years, but beforehand I went to a terrible school district and learning program. Comal ISD has advanced learning tactics to challenge their students and not to mention they have some of the best, most caring educators I've ever come across. The area is expensive, but well worth it. I've personally never struggled in school, but my brother has and needs that extra attention in which his school gives and now he loves school! Highly recommend Comal ISD for anybody!
I liked the sense of community within the school between teachers and students and how everyone came together when something unfortunate happened.
Comal is a great district. I enjoyed going to school here, I'm thankful for it. Although at times this district was strict over things that were not important.
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