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Columbus Municipal School District Reviews

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My experience within the Columbus Municipal School District has been great. I've been apart of the school district since I've been in kindergarten.
I like the things I learned and all of the trips. I liked most of my teachers that taught me well and also I loved that they cared. And they help me with my struggles
I love the Columbus School District. I learned al lot through out my years in CMSD. I been attending CMSD for a long time. Whatever I would like to see our parents more involve with CMSD.
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We need more teachers and staff members that really care about the students and their education. The food is horrible. Sometimes the food be cooked over and over again. The school is very unorganized. If you don't play sports the counselors will not want to help you.
I like how they try and keep the students safe. Something that I would like to see change is the lunch.
My experience with Columbus Municipal School District was very good to say the least, however, something I would change is there staff. Some of the teachers don't do what they are supposed to do as teacher and teach
I believe our school's average is C, which bothers me quite a bit. Several students didn't pass important state tests last year. I have had teachers who literally taught me nothing but I've also had some really great teachers. I believe before hiring teachers, they should look more into their history of teaching and the progress they made at their last job.
The Columbus Municipal School District is very small which is good as far as being able to have access to teachers and other faculty/ staff when necessary.
I've been in this district for 13 years going on the upcoming school year. It's mainly AAs but there are a few caucausians and other POC. The district isn't in need of major help, but they could use better teachers in some areas of the high school and a better superintendent, one that's not there for the money.
My experience was ok but it could have prepared me more for college. I feel like the school district need to offer more engineering related courses to school.
I liked how they tried to bring resources into the schools to help the students. They really tried to bring us technology and people who have done big things.
I enjoyed the connections I made while I was a student in the school district. I feel that the classes were somewhat conducive to me learning the basic skills I need to be able to attend college. I do wish the district's teaching staff was more consistent and expressed more concern with our education and making sure we actually grasped a clear understanding of the materials being taught.
Honestly its terrible. A breeding ground for disruption. The students are out of hand in the class rooms, and the private schools are not any better. The academics are average and unless you go to an expensive private school you wont be challenged.
My experience here at Columbus High School has been a positive one. I had some great teachers that took the time to help me excel. The one thing that needs more attention brought to it is the lack of enforcing the rules with the students.
Overall the school district is nice, the only real problem being academics and incentives for academics. In some schools the academics are obviously better than the others, but for mine, Columbus High School, the academics are severely lacking. As of now, the hardest classes to take are AP classes and Dual Enrollment classes. To add to this, the work in classes that should be hard, for example the sciences, is severely lacking.
Columbus Municipal School District Schools aren't overall bad. However, there are plethora of improvements that can be made. I've noticed previous graduates are not particularly prepared due to the curriculum not being rigorous. Also, the teachers are dedicated, but they don’t have administrative support. The lack of support causes them to not be as passionate for their profession as they could be. The food isn’t overall great either but they do provide resources that can help us to excel inside and outside of school. Generally, Columbus Municipal School District Schools are average in all efforts but excel in resources.
The schools goal is for everyone to be great and successful but they lose sight of that often times because of what's going on in and outside of the school. Needs to engage the students more.
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