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Columbus Community School District Reviews

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I love CCHS. I’m proud to say that I will graduate from such a diverse school and that I’m proud to be a wildcat. I wish the school would prepare us for college more. I would also change how we discipline at this school. Otherwise I love CCHS.
The Columbus Community School District is a very diverse community! With 4 local towns flowing into one school comes with a lot of families and cultures. Columbus brings a environment that many young adults don’t experience until they are out of high school. That is, being around different people. Different people that have complety different lives than you. While some schools all the students are the same. The same old, and once they get out of high school they don’t know what to expect since they have been around the same group of people all through their life so far. Columbus brings that different cultures, brings different families, brings different languages that all prepare high school students for when they are out in the real world. One thing I would like to see change is tying the community and school closer together. Having the school hosts activities for everyone in the community and having the community support the school.
I really enjoy this school because there is so much diversity. Honestly that's one of the best things we learn from one another and when we go out to the "real world " we'll be ready.
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My experience with Columbus Community school district was good. There is a lot of Diversity in the school and everyone has learned to overcome it. The sports programs are pretty good, and they have a lot of clubs and activities you can get involved in. I would like to see more parent involvement with the school, as there isn't many parents involved. Overall Columbus Schools is a good school.
Columbus Community School is a small school. I enjoy the small class sizes and the overall atmosphere of the school but I dislike the many cliques that are in the school. I am aware that this is a problem in many schools but I wish our school staff would make things more inclusive.
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