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Worse school system ever. My daughter has went backwards. The kids are out of control. The teacher just screams. Pure chaos. I need to move a.s.a.p. it's like sendind them to the worse daycare. The lunch is so sad. No organization. Need shut down.
Northland helps build character, and also teaches you how to react with different personalties. All can be achieved if one applies themselves then inspire others to do the same. Inspire. Achieve. Adapt. That’s the Viking way
Would not recommend due to the lack of funding teacher gets and the amount of burnt out teachers there are in the system. However, there are still several good teachers in the system willing to help your child if they are already in it.
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I have been in the Columbus City School District since kindergarten. There are some deficits such as old school buildings, no air conditioning and issues with academics. I believe Columbus gets the worst grades. There are positive as well. There are teachers who care, my extracurricular activities have been what kept me grounded and helped me to excel in academics as well. Because of the teachers commitments, I have a desire to purse a higher education. The I Know I Can program is a wonderful program offered at Columbus City schools as well and I do not think I could do all that is needed to apply for college without this program
I am currently a senior at Northland Highschool. The overall experience was just okay. I don’t feel like my school has prepared me fully for college and the outside world. Our staff is a lot of the time not helpful when it comes to helping. It is not a supportive environment.
The sports in the city league are great. The schools themselves need better taken care of, for example the bathrooms are small and have cold water, there is no air conditioning, sometimes the heat doesn’t work, the school food is not good at all, nor are there many choices offered. The district is underrated by a lot of other districts and it is very sad.
The class rooms are over crowded and the children that need extra attention are not recognized until it is to late.
Columbus city school district is a great district for people with tough skin. I have been in this district since i was in kindergarten. There are school shootings. Students bring weapons to school. Teachers fighting students. Teachers don't care about students. Teachers are only here for a check.
I like the fact that even though we have plenty of schools, we are still one. I also like how we prove other districts wrong academic wise. I would like us to have more resources for learning purposes. If we had those resources, our academics would strive even more.
What I like about Columbus City Schools is the diversity in the schools because everybody is open to who they want to be. Also, I like the sports because it is a way for the students to have fun. If i could change one thing It would be the food. The food is alright but some food( like the chicken tenders) be having small bones in it. Also, I don't like the meatless Mondays.
I had a good experience with Columbus city schools, it gave me many opportunities such as the dual enrollment programs I was accepted into. I learned so many things from being in Columbus city schools but I wish I would've learned a little more.
My experience at Columbus City schools has been good and a experience. I’ve attended CCS my entire life and I’ve seen it grow a lot over the years. I want to see more diversity in schools because I was so used to seeing African Americans that that is all I’m used to seeing now and what I’m comfortable with.
Poor school district!! Very unorganized, poor pay for teachers also. Te academics are alright but they could be better. The student aren't not interested in learning. The district will often close schools for minor reasons.
I attend Columbus city school for only one school year,but in that one year i had fun and learned more than i did in my 3 years of online schooling.we had the best teacher who were very understanding and supportive ,to be sincerely honest i wouldn't change a thing.
SomeThing I like about Columbus city schools district is the drive for excellence every school pushes towards know matter the students or circumstances. In Every schools agenda is success. Some extra curricular activities I’m involved in are Columbus East High schools mighty marching tiger band.
Columbus city schools is great in general. I would say it’s great because it gets you ready when you graduate and the teachers and staff help you with things that you need to be helped with. It has a great diversity and different groups of people that gives everyone to learn about every one else’s culture.
Columbus City Schools are great because the teachers go out of their way to make sure that every student is well educated. The school district have many opportunities for scholarships and programs for scholarships. They have a program called “I Know I Can”, and that program helps with college visits, scholarships, SAT/ ACT test,etc.
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Subpar academics. A lot of schools need an upgrade. Some major schools got the attention needed, when it comes to the facility.
The thing I liked most about Columbus city schools is the diversity and I would like to see a change in the food
Almost every teacher works hard to help every student. There are also classes to help you prepare for college and counselors that really care about you and are working to guide you through to the next level. However, the facilities are abysmal, there aren't many resources and we struggle to pay for things like internships that are really beneficial to a well-rounded student.
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