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Columbia Heights Public School District Reviews

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Columbia Heights is a small city in the Metro Area only a stroll from Minneapolis. One thing about their schools are that they are a huge part of the community. The Education at these schools are great but what's most notable is the diversity of the district. It's something you don't see at many schools across the country. It feels like a family, the school environments are small meaning that you have a closer connection with your teachers and peers. Nothing bad to say about this district.
I love the diversity my school has; it makes me feel so welcomed knowing theres other people of color that also attend.
My experience at Columbia Heights was great. The teachers were very nice and helpful even though there were a few that weren't so great, they don't dim the light on the great teachers. I wish the school would invest in different activities and sports rather than putting all their money towards 2 or 3 popular sports. I also wish the school would provide more incentives for students who do well.
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This school has many ups and downs as all schools do. The flaw of it is how they handle situations, it is a bit off the topic situations but overall handled mediocre. The best part of the school is the closeness and loyalty. This school showed me the true meaning of spirit and will always be in my heart of the best family ever made.
Columbia heights is one of the best schools i have ever been at, i came to Columbia heights my junior year and if was a complete different environment than my other school. The students are so nice and involved in school, and there is so much diversity.
I have 3 kid's, 1 has graduated from Columbia Heights, 1 is in 9th grade at the High school, and 1 in the middle school. For the most part we have had a great experience with the schools, however their ate a number of things that get swept under the rug. I wanted my kid's in this district because of it's diversity, but I did not realize how being among very few white kid's would single them out.
What I like about Columbia Heights high school is how diverse the school is. You can walk down the hall and see students with all different cultures. Its a good school for learning about other cultures and education they also offer the AP and PSEO options that give you to help your future for college. The teachers truly care about the students they are always willing to stay after for extra help for the students to make sure they can get their credit. The deans are also very helpful you can make appointments with them and they are always there no matter what to talk about tests, transcripts or grades, whatever you need they're there for you. Even when it grades the school still knows how to have fun with the athletics and clubs that are flexible so you can keep your academics good. Everyone in the school is so helpful and so caring you know you can trust everyone. the students to the deans, whenever you're going through a tough time they are there for you all the way till graduation.
My experience at CHHS was overall positive. I love the environment my school established and how we all felt like a family. I don't think I would change anything at my school.
There is an unfair treatment to many kids in the school, there are lots of regulations on the school and the administrators take drastic charges to keep students at bay. But a lot of students get away with things still.
Columbia heights is a great multicultural and diverse school. It has many amazing teachers who I have made life long connections with and would be so sad to leave. The admin is great and is always willing to help the students, especially Ms. Martin
Very diverse school, a great school if you don’t want to go to a small nor big school! Tons of classes to choose from, and the staff are very welcoming. I recommend
Most of the teachers are really great and always put their students first. AP and dual-enrollment classes are offered to get early college credit. Not a very good variety of electives offered; they're mostly art-based. Need more STEM classes.
I didn’t know anybody in Columbia Height but when I enter their middle school, I was instantly welcome to the district. Growing up I moved a lot and never really had the chance to stay in one district. I’m really glad that my family choose to stay in Columbia Heights. Now that I am about to graduate from the highschool; I take a look back on my past schools and can not imagine what I would’ve been like if I hadn’t come to Columbia Heights. The diversity is amazing. The academic is amazing. The teacher truly care about their students. In my days as a Hylander I learned so much about myself and I discovered many things I didn’t know about myself. I hope that the next generation of students will be able to feel the same way as I do.
The structure of the school. The motivation to go above and beyond duting school and also outside the school.
This district has the best community. The teachers genuinely care about each of the students and the parents are encouraged to be involved in the education of their child. The students in the school continue to succeed and are truly a community all the together.
It is a very diverse school, we also stand up together and protect each other. This school has given me many opportunity that helped me prep for college, which is one of the main goal at heights is to make sure the students head to college and are prepare for it. It has A.V.I.D, college possible, college and readiness and other programs and actives to help the student.
attending Columbia Heights high school was probably one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. Not just because it was close to home but the diverse culture with high quality of academic it had for all its students. My experience for the 4 years I’ve attended Columbia Heights was really great even though I had my ups and downs . The one thing I would like to see change in the future is more kids should join after programs.
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Overall a very good school. The diversity of the school allows one to get informed of how life will be in the future. The diversity prepares one for jobs and college. The teachers are very nice, as well as the staff. They help you with college applications and any questions you have. The school is one big happy family.
What i really enjoyed about Columbia heights high school is that there are a lot of options athletics wise and as well there is always an event every week that everyone is able to attend.
I graduated from Columbia Heights High School in 2016 and my experience there was remeberable. The teachers are very easy to approach and always willling to help students out. I love how the school is so diverse so everyone gets along with each other and it feels like a strong community. There are a lot of activities to do and over all I have no regrets being an alumni of this school.
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