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Columbia Community Unit School District No. 4 Reviews

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The staff is generally very helpful and teachers are well qualified. We have very dedicated sports teams and extracirriculars.
Overall my school ranks in the middle on quality. While i like many parts of it I also dislike parts.

Some parts that make my school not very appling are the school lunches, and teachers. As for the lunches most kids don't even buy them anymore for the fact that they just don't taste good and you do not get enough to eat. Another factor as to why my school lacks a better score is the teachers. Many teachers seem bais toward student, and sometimes just give out busywork during classes. Additionally, while some teachers do a great job at teacher their subject others will only teach when the principal comes in for review.

However, there are alos good things within the school too. One is how closenit everyone is, and that you can talk with just about anyone. Another is the opertunity to take many different classes, since Columbia High School offers so many.

Overall, my school recivess an avergae score due to the factors above.
Teachers work very hard to ensure the students get the education that will enhance their learning in college, however, the teachers are in a crossroad with the administration because their main goal is doing the least for the students. The district has ample funds and abilities to do more for the education of the students. In my years as a student, we lacked books, poor technology and numerous other items needed. Needless to say, our sports teams did not get the short end of the stick. That was the priority in the district. Best sport teams and facilities, but lacking on the needs of the students for a descent education.
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I like that it is small but it is still big. They need a new building. They have good opportunities to get involved but some of the administrators are not involved. They are not consistent about punishments or safety. They offer many different options for classes but there needs to be more of a diversity. Some of the staff you not have the position they have now. Some teacher challenge the students others don’t try.
It has been a great place to create connections. The range of classes is exceptional and wide; professors are very knowledgeable and have experiences in the field they are teaching. The environment is friendly and very diverse.
I am a parent of 1 senior at Columbia High as well as a parent of 2 previous students. I also attended Columbia High School. I love the close community feeling that the school brings to the students but I would like for the academics and facility to prepare the students more for college. I have even had conversations with teachers from Columbia high school who have college students say Columbia did not prepare her child for college. The students do great academically but they are not prepared on how to study and how to take on college life in general with their studies. Preparing, organinzing, how to study ect are all apart of learning to be good students also, Not just getting the grades. And I believe that's where Columbia fails.
My family moved to Columbia the summer before my Freshman year and the transition was extremely easy. The staff is very involved and students are open to something new.
I thouroughly enjoyed attending Columbia High School. I've developed a lot here and the teachers have pushed me to improve. My only complaint is the lack of additional ap classes.
i graduated in 2014 and had a great four years. I was in book, art, FHA, beta, band, chess, student council, and softball. I had so much fun. the teachers were very supportive and great. they were there when no one was. and I didn't graduate with honors etc. I wasn't the smartest. I had a 3.2. but It didn't matter to me much. I knew I wasn't that smart. but I excelled in my fav classes. that's what matter. loved the school the district and teachers.
Great teachers who guide you along the way, and outstanding courses that challenge you to the extent that it's fun and intriguing!
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