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Colorado Springs School District No. 11 Reviews

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I am a senior in Highschool. I have been in district 11 since I was in first grade. Growing in this district I have met many different teachers and students. I went to several schools over the years. I have encountered teachers that have been hard on me and helped me grow to be more hardworking. The teachers I met helped me throughout the years to become better academically and have helped me be more open and outgoing. I will be the first one to graduate from Highschool and go to college and I am happy to say that the teachers prepared me well!!
I like how the teachers are supporting their students how they explain everything that is important to know
Every once in a while you meet one of those teachers that you know has genuinely changed your life forever in these schools. However, the majority of the staff cares very little about their jobs or the students and the schools are in a very run-down state typically. There is actually asbestos in my school.
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The Colorado Springs school district has a beautiful view of the mountains and the people in the area are generally really nice.
Colorado springs school district no 11 is perhaps one of the amazing school throughout the nation. I personally have not attended this school ,but few of my friends children have attended . What I opine is exactly based upon the comments given by my friends. So according to my friend's experience the academics and teachers there are very good and supportive for the wholesome development of child.Moreover, the sport activities and other facilities provided by the school is simply amazing.Furthermore, my friend was much more impressed by the safety of the children which values the most.
Because it's really good Colorado states
I like this state. The air is good, country etc every thing's better than me.
Anyway i think it's a good idea to get a new school
Colorado tech has all the things you need from a online college it works with your schedule And answers all question
The teachers for the most part are all great. The technology in the classrooms is some of the best as well as offering intriguing courses about that same tech. The grounds are very well kept and the building are in pretty good condition.
I've been school district 11 for my whole schooling experience. They have been nothing but helpful and encouraging.
I thoroughly enjoyed pursuing my K-12 education with CSSD11. I cannot think of one teacher I had that did not meet my academic needs through graduation. Although I feel like I could have been prepped for college better throughout high school, I am still succeeding in higher education and actually owe my wants to become a teacher in the future to some of my previous teachers in this district.
They offer diverse programs for all types of students, with multiple options to advance into further stages in education. The pupil to teacher ratio however is not in balance.
I like how their virtual learning program adjusts to your learning styles, the resources they have for students, academic advisor's are great and supportive- they are there to help guide you through your course's, so you don't fall behind. I would recommend this school with confidence
i dont really care about this review because i have to do it to get a scholarship but im sure its a wonderful school. too bad im not going here but oh well. i love colorado and youll never be short on "high" times here in this state
I did not enjoy my experience at my school at all! The teachers were fine , but I honestly didn't have too many friendly experiences. It's alright there. I prefer Denver as far I have seen. There is also more diversity there too.
D11 has changed me in a way I would never have thought. They have showed me what a great education is. Thy shown me that I can be whatever or who ever I want. I’m thankful for such and amazing opportunity in life.
I just dont really like the springs and a lot of areas in it are a little scary. The teachers at UCCS seem pretty educated but there are a few that seem like they don't know what they are doing. But, there are a few professors at UCCS that are super qualified and are doing the profession they teach
Love Globe charter school my daughter is starting kindergarten this year and she is happy to go everyday because of the teachers and staff
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Very self focused. The leadership was weak and would cave to any type of pressure and not stand up for what the believe in.
I am taking online courses at Colorado Technical University's online division. The instructors are intelligent and prepared for whatever comes their way. the financial aid is the best one i have dealt with so far and they are very quick. the courses are very convenient and the subjects go in depth. I am learning a lot from this school and i am hoping to further my career to a master's degree in the coming year. I would recommend this school to any high school student or current college student who is looking for a transfer. The online courses are very convenient and it won't get in the way of your social life.
I spent kindergarten through 12th grade in district 11 and I think its a great district. A lot of the teachers truly care about the students well being. I feel that certain classes should be implemented to prepare us for the real world. So many people don't understand finance and how to handle bills, or do basic adult things. Budgeting classes should be required.
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