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Colorado River Union High School District Reviews

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The Colorado River Union High School District is a good school district to learn you education from. The teachers that they have are very good at their job, esceot dor the few that don't know what they are doing. The only change that I hope to see in the future for this district is that they pick teachers that are actually good at teaching, connecting with students, and actually know what they are doing in their teacher profession field. Hopefully they wod provide more different electives.
I think the most annoying experience was lack of consideration for the students from both the board and from parents. The school schedules constantly changed, policies were implemented that students disagreed with but no input was given by parents, and it seemed like the school lacked a sense of pride. My teachers were exemplary, but the school limited my experience. The decision to build a sports facility cut funds from my favorite sport and activity, Speech and Debate, and we had to cut back on the tournaments we went on. It is frustrating to see the priorities being set in the wrong direction and not being able to do anything about it.
Colorado Rivers provides a good environment; however, they lack well developed teachers. There is a lot of turn over and this causes some curriculum to be too easy not preparing the students for college.
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My experience with Colorado River Union High School District, is they are very strict, and tend not to listen to others when they speak out, because it is there way only. I feel as if they wont even acknowledge something someone would need or have to say so they stay quiet.
I am a former student of Mohave High School now attending university. My experience at Mohave would not have been as great as it was without the support of many of my amazing teachers and the opportunities for involvement. Being a part of the arts programs (band, choir, etc.) as well as other school clubs allowed me to branch out and make lifelong friends, while making amazing memories along the way. The teachers I had were all very supportive and did their best to make sure I succeeded in whatever I wanted to do. This school provided me with great memories, opportunities, and life-long lessons.
I like the Gear Up Program they have provided us students with. This program has really made me think about my future and what I want to do, especially college wise. I have been able to travel to different college campuses and really experience what these places are like. If it was not for this program I do not think I would have even thought about going to college.
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